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Chapter 129

Several days passed since Zich and Lyla had arrived at the lake. They took a spot at the lakeshore and spent most of their time there. As expected, life deep inside the forest was uncomfortable. Yet, to Lyla’s annoyance, she was used to living in the forest now, and the items that Zich took out from his magic box eased their discomfort. But above all, the lake was very beautiful, so Lyla didn’t complain much about their uncomfortable lifestyle.

Like usual, she dipped her feet into the lake water and splashed the water around. Zich was walking around the lake’s surroundings to find any helpful information. With the lake as the background, the scene of her playing in the lake made a pretty picture. But rather than thinking that she looked beautiful, Zich thought that she looked like a child. It probably was because she had no recollection of her past.

‘It’s strange to think about it.’

Most people lived with their past memories rather than ones from the future. But Lyla was exactly the opposite; she lived with memories of the future. Zich wondered what that felt like.

“Zich!” While submerged in the lake, Lyla waved her hands at Zich widely. “Join me!”

“I have to check the surroundings more!” Truthfully, Zich had finished surveying their surroundings, but he didn’t want to play with Lyla.

‘She even plays like a child.’

Zich joined her for the first couple of days, but after she continued to show an endless amount of interest and curiosity at every little thing in the forest, he gave up. Everything was new to Lyla, and she enjoyed taking in all these unfamiliar experiences. On the other hand, Zich had experienced pretty much everything before his regression. He almost felt like a dad who had grown tired from playing with his kid. Zich’s stamina was greater than Lyla’s, but oddly enough, he grew tired faster than her when playing.

‘It must be a mental problem.’

Lyla turned her head and looked sulky. But soon, she focused on playing again as if she had forgotten her annoyance. Zich strolled along the lakeshore and decided to hunt for the day’s meal. Then, he tilted his head. While he was sensing the surroundings, he detected something. It was a person, and there wasn’t just one.

‘They’ve arrived.’

His eyes sparkled.

* * *

A group of people arrived at the lakeshore. There were twelve people in total: nine of them were men and three of them were women. All the men carried sharp swords, and they looked threatening as they searched their surroundings closely. The three of them looked like knights, although they wore light clothing for walking in the woods. And the other three men looked like servants due to their simple clothing.

Two of the women were servants, and they were supporting a woman on both sides so that she would not fall on the rough path. The woman was extremely beautiful. Her auburn hair soaked the scent of the woods and swayed, and her brown eyes reflected the lake

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