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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 127
Zich opened his eyes. The bonfire that had watched them all night was letting out white smoke, barely managing to hold on. Zich rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms out.

“Have you woken up?”

Zich heard a low voice. It was a low, strong voice that sounded like it would belong to a gigantic body, but there was a clear sense of gentleness mixed in it.

“Yes, sir,” Zich replied and stared at the owner of the voice.

A huge man sat on a large log and looked over the bonfire. “Since you are up, can you wake the others up?”

“Sir, you can wake them up by yourself.”

The huge figure flinched. “That is a bit…”

“Are you still having a hard time dealing with them? They are our team members. There’s no need to feel uncomfortable around them.”

“Yes, that’s right.” Even though he said this, the huge man merely made a bitter smile and didn’t move. Zich shook his head. Even though the huge man had the face and body of a gangster boss, he had a difficult time dealing with his teammates. But this didn’t mean that the man lacked skill. On the other hand, the huge man was able to cut down small, medium-sized, large, and extremely large monsters with one swing of his ax.

‘Should I prepare a special event or something to make them closer?’

While thinking of a plan to make his team members closer, Zich shook the woman close to him. “Wake up, Aine.”

“Hmm….” The woman named Aine opened her eyes. She moved out of her blanket, yawned loudly, and stretched out her arms. “Did you sleep well, Zich?”

“Yeah. Did you also sleep well, Aine?”

“Yes. I feel energized. Even this is a blessing from Karuna.”

“That’s great. Then can you wake her up? I’ll go wake our other teammates up.”

“All right. I will immediately wake them up after morning prayer.”

Aine bent her knees on top of the blanket. Then she clasped her hands, bowed her head, and closed her eyes. Zich moved past her and walked up towards one of his other team members who was fast asleep. In this group full of distinct personalities, Aine was on the calmer side; Zich needed to prepare himself a bit to wake up this next team member.

“It’s morning. Sir, wake up.” Zich shook his team member. The man slowly opened his eyes. His sunken eyes indicated that he was very tired.

“Is it already morning?”

“Yes, look. The sun is already up.”

The man looked towards the direction that Zich pointed to. It was quite bright across the ridge, but it was hard to say the sun was up when there was none of its fierce brightness shining into his eyes.

“It isn’t up yet. Tell me when the sun is fully up. Then I will wake up.”

“No! You always say that but then you keep sleeping! Also, today is the day we have to wake up early and start moving!”

They argued like this for a bit; and while they argued, the mountain across them began to get brighter and brighter.

“Fine, fine. I will get up.” He finally got up after losing to Zich. He was an old man with a long,

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