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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 128
Zich and his companions arrived in a city named Westillburd. As expected of the capital city of the Cronon Kingdom, it looked like a prosperous area. Even though they had traveled to various cities and villages, it wasSnoc and Hans’first time seeingthecapital city of a kingdom.

Capital city—just this term made the whole city look different. It seemed as if the surrounding buildings, the clothes that people were wearing, the grass on the streets, and even the trees planted in front of the houses looked much more elegant and stylish. Hans and Snoceyedtheir surroundings with barely contained excitement. Zich looked at his two pathetic servants andlet outa small sigh. Then he looked the other way. Lyla had the same expression as Snoc and Hans and was looking all over the place. Zich shook his head.

Even though a capital city was the center ofCronon’s economic and political system, Westillburd was even more vibrant than other capital cities in the world. People’s expectations and hopes seemed to float around in the air.

“Sir, look at that!”Snoc said while looking at a poster on the wall. Zich, Hans, andmore recently,Lylawereteaching Snoc how to read and write, so Snoc was now capable of slowly reading some letters.

“It says that theking’s birthday is coming up soon! And it’s also going to be his 50th birthday!”

“That’s why the atmosphere seemed so lively.”Hans stood next to Snoc and also looked at the wall.

“Then they will probably have a festival soon. How many days are left until the festival?”Lyla also joined them.

“It says that there are 50 days left!”

“There are still a lot of days left.”

Three pairs of eyes all stared at Zich. Currently, Zichdictatedtheir travels. If there were only a few days left until the festival, they would have begged Zich as much as they could, but 50 days seemed too long.

“Okay.”However, contrary to their worries, Zich easily nodded his head.“Should we first find a place to stay?”

* * *

After finding a place to stay, Zich called Lyla to his room.

As soon as Lyla came in, she asked,“What?”

“Do you remember the conditionsofour deal?”

“Of course.”Lyla gritted her teeth and glared at Zich.

With the excuse of improving her abilities, Zich really pushed her to her limits. Even though she was able to fight Zich on equal footing before, after Zich awakened all his mana in Violuwin, the amount of mana that Zich could use was one level higher than before. Moreover, Windur was also in his hands. It was a sword that increased its owner’s strength more than Estellade or Tornium.

It was now inevitable that Lyla would be pushed back by Zich in terms of battle prowess. Zich was strict andbrutal. Even Hans and Snoc had not been pushed to the extent that Zich pushed Lyla. When their training was over, Lyla was completely covered in blood. Even though Hans and Snoc had now gotten somewhat used to Zich’s harsh training, they turned their heads away when Zich was traini

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