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No matter what happened in the world, time flowed at the same rate for everyone. Whether there was a comedy or a tragedy, the sun rose in Violuwin. Under the bright light, the devastation covered by the darknesscame outin full display: the collapsed gates, damaged walls, andnumerousbuildingswereburned down by the fire. The sight of monsters and humans’ corpses intertwinedwith each other gave off an air of despair. It seemed like a distant past that Violuwin wasrenownedaround the world as a tourist city. However, despair was not the only thing that existed in this city.

“Hey, try lifting this up!”

“Be careful! The pillar burned off, so if you are not careful, everything will collapse!”

The people who survived yesterday’s calamity were slowly gathering and working together. They threw away their fears, swallowed their sadness and anger, and began working for the future together. While Violuwin was raising its structure and cleaning up the ruined structures, Zich was lost in thought in his room.

‘I wonder what this is?’

He looked at the sword that looked like a tree branch. But he was sure that it was not an ordinary sword. Using Estellade,the tree branch sword probablytransported Zich and Lyla to where it was (but for that to be true, it transported them to a place too far away).The swordalso transported them back to where Estellade used to be. Moreover, itawakenedthe mana inside Zich’s body for a short duration.

‘Those shadow beings were also related to those guys.’

Even though Lyla swept most of them away with her magic, a few of them survived and hid behind cracks between the walls or behind the rocks. However, when Zich pulled out the tree branchsword, all of the shadow beings disappeared. Zich stretched out his hands on the sword’s blade. There were multiple blades like a tree branch, and he swiped the bladewiththe KeyThat Distorts Destiny with his hand.

He didn’t put any strength on it. The sword’s side was extremely sharp, and Zich didn’t have a hobby of cutting himself with a sword.

‘I should keep this.’

Zich had no intention of letting this sword go,especially sincethe KeyThat DistortsDestinywas now part of this sword. He was going to slowly find out its identity as he carried it around with him.

“Come in.”In an empty space, Zich suddenly increasedthe volume of his voice.


The door opened, and Lyla came in. She looked surprised.“I didn’t even knock.”

“If I can’t even senseamagician standing outside, I should break my sword and start farming.”

Now that she thought about it, Lyla thought it would beridiculousif Zich failed to sense her presence at his level of skill and accepted this explanation. Lyla was staying at the same lodging as Zich and his companions. Zich was theone whohad suggestedforher to stay at his lodging.

“Why don’t you sit?”Zichputthe tree branch sword next to his chair and pointed towards a chair in front of him. Lyla did not refuse and sat on the chai

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