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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 97
As piles of raft bridges gradually increased on the lake, Karuwiman and Bellid knights clashed from the front.



The leading knights swung their swords; their physical abilities had already been strengthened by the priests’ blessings. They swung their swords filled with holy power, and as the swords clashed against each other, a menacing sound spread throughout the whole area. The battle was fierce, but since the pathway was still small, only a few people were able to engage in direct combat with the Bellids. The rest of the Karuwiman had their swords out and were staring at their opponents with murderous eyes. Unfortunately, even the Karuwiman hadn’t found a miraculous way to rip apart the Bellid with just their eyes.

The initial battle was in favor of the Karuwimans who had more battle experience and skill. However, as the Bellid knights slowly drew back and went inside the temple’s barriers, the situation changed. They were able to use the temple’s barrier as a support system to fight against the Karuwimans. Even though the Karuwiman army had stronger and more experienced soldiers, the damage they received slowly began to increase.

Moreover, a full-fledged battle was occurring on top of the lake. The raft bridges and stepping stones already reached the center of the lake. As the Karuwimans came closer, most of their holy attacks were able to reach the Bellids; but at the same time, the Bellids’ retaliation became even stronger.

Crash! Crash!

Water pillars soared above and crashed against those who were making the raft bridges.


The surface of the lake trembled violently and shook the raft bridges, breaking the balance of the Karuwiman troops and disconnecting the bridge at the same time.


Small water droplets soared above and swarmed towards the Karuwiman army like an army of bees. However, the Karuwiman army did not easily give in. High-ranking priests, who were standing on an unshakable pile of stepping stones, held their hands tightly together and gathered their holy powers. Light filled up the whole cave again.

Crash! Crash!

The light barrier blocked the Bellids’ attack. At the same time, a subtle light began to spread across the lake’s surface.


As the light passed through the violently shaking lake, the lake became still as if nothing had happened.

Bam! Bam!

As if it was now their turn to attack, the Karuwimans started throwing balls of light and light beams against their enemies. However, the Bellids’ barrier held steadfastly. The Karuwiman knights glared at the Bellids from across the lake but their attacks weren’t able to reach them. The Bellid temple’s barrier nullified the light attacks every time.

In contrast, the Karuwiman priests were now the ones who had to quickly make light barriers to protect themselves from the Bellids’ ferocious attacks. While these types of attacks went on, the Karuwimans finished making their r

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