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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 124
“Sir, what? Ah, this?”

Even though they were far away from each other, they both had exceptional hearing and had no problem hearing each other.Although Zich’s question wasn’t what people normally expecteda master to say when theysawtheir servant in danger, Hans calmly replied to his question. He already knew what type of person Zich was.

“It just came out when I pulled it.”

“Woah!”Zich showed his admiration and stared at Hans and Estellade.

“I can’t believe it.”Lyla, who was next to Zich, whispered next to him,“I thoughtthat swordchoosesits owner selectively. How could two people pull it out in this shorttime frame?”

Even though Lyla still had no energy, she had to shareher thoughts out loudin this bizarre situation.

“Personally, I think that sword is losing its mind.”Zich agreed with Lyla’s sentiments. But he also added,“Since Hans is so stupid, he probably meets Estellade’s standards for choosing its master.”

“But before that, you were able to pull it out.”

“Yes, that’s the real mystery.”Zich sincerely thought there was not a single reason why Estellade chose him as its owner. Hans and Snoc ran to Zich.

“Congratulations. Since you now have a holy sword, you are one step closer to becoming a hero. You might even receive the title of hero now. I useditbefore, and its abilitiesare good. But it seems like thatsword’s ability to select its owner is broken.”Zich congratulated Hans.

“Ah, t-thank you. I’m also glad that Sir Zich and Ms. Lyla are fine.”

“It’s a million years too early for you guys to start worrying about me.”

Hans and Snoc were reassured by Zich’s cocky tone. This was the Zich they were most familiar with, but Hans was a bit worried about himself.

“S-Sir Zich! Were you the one who made the most recent attack?”Snoc hurriedly asked this out loud to Zich.

Hans also listened carefully to Zich’s next words. Even though Hans had wanted to ask thissince Zich arrived, he missed his chance to asksinceZich asked him about Estellade. Zich stared at the sword that looked like a tree branch in his hand.

“I picked up something awesome in the place where we were teleported into. Sadly, Ican’tcontinue using this power, but it doesn’t matter. Icurrentlyhave enough strength to blow away all theguys who ambushed this city.”

Zich looked around the battlefield. The battlewas still at a standstill. Then Zich discovered Imor, whowasstaringintenselyat Lyla.“It looks like you two were struggling against that guy. Is he the top leader?”

Hans replied, “Yes, he seems like it. He said his name is Imor.”

“Ah, is that so? He definitely looks like he is part of the organization that makesdemon people, but it’s myfirst timehearingone of theirnames.”

‘Does he have loose lips?’ Hope filled upinZich’s heart.

“Hey! For what purpose have you—!”Zich’s words were cut off when Imor raised his hand. He was directly pointing his hand towards Lyla.

“Catch her!”Imoramplified his voice withmana, a

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