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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 121
It almost seemed like time had stopped on the battlefield. That was probably what all the humans felt as they watched the unrealistic scene of dozen after dozen of strong knights getting torn into pieces.

“He is…!” Hans glared. It wasn’t someone he knew—after all, the figures coming out of the castle entrance wore robes that covered their faces from view. But Hans recognized their clothing.

‘They are the group of guys who go around corrupting people! We saw them at the ancient ruins!’

They were part of the organization that Zich specifically targeted, and thus, by association, they were also Hans’ enemy. But Hans wasn’t certain. People often wore robes to hide their identities, and their similar appearance could have simply been a coincidence. Yet, Hans thought that there was a high chance that the robed figures were the same group of people he saw before.

The curse he heard at the ancient ruins rang in his ears.

‘Is this the nightmare that will arrive in this city?’

A person wearing a robe stood in front of the castle’s entrance.



From his sides, monsters flooded in. They didn’t attack the robed figures, and the robed figures watched the monsters with their arms crossed like they were generals of an invading army.

“Ah, damn it!”

“Block them!”

A couple more knights rushed toward the castle walls, but the robed figures mercilessly killed them. Judging by their skills, the robed figures could’ve probably killed their enemies by simply slicing their heads off, but they never killed their opponents cleanly.

The knights began to show hesitation in their movements. They were afraid of their opponents’ overwhelming power and skills. The monsters preyed on these weaknesses; and although the knights were stronger than them, the monsters were superior in numbers and rushed in like a tsunami.

“Don’t stand alone! Form a group and make a wall.” As the captain of the knights yelled out his order, knights and soldiers began to quickly gather together. But there were some who weren’t able to move on time.


“Save me!”

Surrounded by a crowd of monsters, the soldiers died first. Next were the knights. Although they endured longer than the soldiers, more monsters kept pouring out even after the knights killed a bunch of them.



Monsters rose back from the knights’ blows and attacked the knights from behind.

“Endure it! Make a formation and endure. Then, you will eventually see an opportunity! Don’t forget that we have civilians behind us!” the captain of the knights shouted; he showed strong determination to not let the monsters pass by him. But despite his desperate pleas, an ominous light of flames burst out from the city’s walls.


Paths made out of fire shot up from two places. It shocked everyone. The place where the flames shot up was where Violuwin’s second entrance stood.

‘There’s another enemy!’ Hans gritted his

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