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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 17
It had decomposed skin, rotting eyeballs, missing nose and ears, and dirty bones sticking out from all parts of its body. It was a human corpse that moved by receiving dark energy, and this zombie’s appearancewas a truly gruesome sight to see.

“Urgh!”Hans gagged.

During theirtrip, hesawa monster’s corpse and actually killed a monster himself. And because he had served the Steelwallsrather thanother families, Hans was more used to death and corpses than the average person. However, the creature in front of him was on a different level.

Grrr! Grrrr!

Under its torn skin, they could see itsAdam'sapple bobbing up and down.


The zombie walked slowly butboldlytowards the two, and Hans took a step backward.

“S-s-sir Zich! T-that is!”

“Be quiet.”


Zich moved past the stuttering Hans and pulled out his sword. The sunlight dyed thebladered, making it look like the sword of judgment that an angel might use.

Step! Step!

Zich followed the footsteps of the zombie that was coming towards him. Behind him, Hans clutched his torch and gulped his saliva.


As Zichclosed in onit, the zombie stretched out its hands. In its open mouth, dirty teeth hung irregularly, and the zombie’s long and black fingernails looked sharp enough to rip a person’s skin into pieces and take out their bones.Its discharge was toxicenoughto rot a whole body.


‘It’s still just a zombie.’


The zombie wildly moved with its tangled-up legs, and Zichdodged to theside and swung his sword.


The sword cleanly cut the zombie’s neck. Even as the zombie’s head flew to the sky, it clacked its teeth at Zich—but that was only for a moment.



Two different types of collisions could be heard: the sound of the zombie’s head falling to the ground and the sound of the zombie’s body shedding.


The zombie’s head rolled to the bottom of Hans’ feet, and Hans backed off with a shriek.

“I-is it dead?”


With a scowl, Zich looked at his sword’s body; it was smeared with the zombie’s fluid.

“Ah, damn it! This is why I hate zombies! If I am dealing with the undead, clean ones like theskeletons are much better!”

Zich took off some tree leaves and intensely wiped the zombie’s fluids off his sword before he placed it back inside its sheath. Then, he walked to the side of the fallen zombie, and Hans also snuck aroundbehind him.

“Why is it here, sir?”

“Hm, I don’t know either. Why would it be here?”

It wasn’t even a small village; it was uncommon to see a monster hiding inside a city, not to mentiona zombie that feasted on human flesh.

“Well, let’sinformthe Magistrate for now. It might have come under the cover of darkness, or it might have been an unlucky guy who got mixed up in a crime and got sold to the city’s black market.”

“Then, could it be a coincidence, sir?”

“It is likely, but—”

Zich glanced at the zo

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