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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 22
“Don’t be ridiculous! If there was a solution like that, why did you come here instead of searching for the statues around the city?”

“Because we didn’t know how much progress you made with the ritual. How can we be so easygoing when the ritual could happen today? Also, the situation is different now.”

Zich pointed at the book that theDeputyMayor was holding.

“Since the catalyst is in a state like that, you won’t be able to do the ritual right away. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to buy much time—probably not even a couple of days, but so what? If we find even one statue in that time, the game is over. If we destroyastatue, your power will diminish, and the ritual will get pushed off again. Then, we can use that extra time to continue to find more statues.”

“Capture them!”

As if Zich had hit the bull’s eye, theDeputyMayor ordered all the waiting undead to come forwardand opened up his book. But Zich was faster.

“Then let’s see each other later!”


As he swung his sword, a huge hole formed on the building’s wall. Then, Zich wrapped his arm around Lubella’s waist and jumped out of the hole. Indeed, theDeputyMayor must have thought that it would be dangerous to show a scene where a great deal of undead pouredout of theMayor’s house, so none of the undead followed them.

‘It's too risky to show thesaint candidate fighting the undead.’

TheDeputyMayor had falsely charged Lubella for summoning the undead and didn’t want toprovide theevidence that she was actually an opposing force.

‘I am going to use this situation to make a greater case against Lubella.’


Zich softly landed on the ground, but he wasn’t completely safe. In front of him, surprised guardshad seenZich and Lubella suddenly jump out of the building.


“An intruder?”

“It’s Lubella! The Witch, Lubella!”

“The Witch came to attack again!”

The guards found Lubella, and their eyes turned hostile.

‘Well, look at what will happen.’

With this, Lubella’s false charge wouldworsen, and news that Zich was her companion wouldspread far and wide.

‘We will be falsely charged with assassinating theMayor now too. Actually, is it not a false charge? It’s true that I killed him.’

If he thought like that, it could have been better if he hadn’t killed theMayor. But Zich quickly threw that thought away. At that time, theMayor was the same as a tool. He was remodeled to handle the book called the ‘Key’ better than anyone else.

‘Before my regression, those Bellid guys used this tactic a lot. If theMayor was alive, the situation would have worsened.’

Holding Lubella like some luggage, Zich said,“You became famous, Lady Lubella. They are welcoming you as the Witch as soon as they see you.”

“Who is the man with the Witch?”

“I don’t know! He is probably the Witch’sunderlingor something like that! Don’t let him out!”

“What? The Witch’s underling?Underling?If I’m being particular, I am the Demon Lor

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