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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 25
‘Ah, fuck! I really have to quit this sadistic hobby.’

Zich felt conflicted inside. This was the first real ‘event’ heexperiencedsince he regressed, so some of his ‘Demon Lord’ personaseepedout for a few moments.

‘People who live kindly do not have this kind of hobby.’

Even with his lack of common sense, Zichwas aware ofthis.However,the thrill hefelt from tormenting Sude was more than what he had expected.Both Sude andLubellalookedshocked by Zich’s words, andSude began to appear doubtful after shouting confidently just a moment ago.

“I-I’m not going to be tricked by such a bluff…!”


Zich put one finger forward in front of Sude.

“Followers of Bellid are way too cautious to reveal their entire plan to their collaborators. No, anyone with common sense won’t do that to someone who they areplanningto use and throw away. There’s no way those bastards tolda low life like you,the statues’ locations. In that way, I guess they are like everyone else but strange in otherways.”

And Zich’s sadistic tendencies made him also ‘strange in otherways.’

“Second, even without you, I can find the other statues by myself.To be exact, those guys will tell me where they are.”

“That doesn’t evenmake sense—”

“Ah, I’m not gonna tell you more than that.”

Zich began to swing his dagger in circles. Sude’s eyes circled around and around with the dagger’s movement.

“Because it’s going to be useless information for you anyways.”


Zich stopped swinging his dagger and held it properly.

“W-what are you doing! Then, why did you ask me that question…!”

“Oh, that? I mean, it’s kind of embarrassing to say, but that’s just my hobby.”


“Yeah! My personality is really rotten. But you probably knew that, right?That was one of my evil and trashy hobbies.”

“…I don’t think you should bring yourself down like that,”Lubella replied as if she was dumbfounded. However, Zich replied back without a shred of embarrassment,“But it’s the truth.”


Lubella did not reply. No, she could not reply because she was speechless. Regardless of what Lubellafelt, Zich continued,“Even though I say it is a hobby of mine, it’s really nothing. I just like to give hope to people who are about to die soon. The type of hope I give is different depending on the situation. One example of giving false hope would be something like,‘I won’t be able to harm you because I need to know where Bellu’s statue is.’”

Zich held back his laughter.

“It was really hilarious to see that. As soon as you thought you had the advantage, your attitude changed right away. I guess that type of reaction is typicalforguys like you.”

“Ah, that, what…!”

Sude opened his mouth to talk, closed it, and then opened it again. It seemed as if he wanted to say something, but all thatcameout of his mouth were meaninglessgasps.

“Before I end your life, you had a sweet dream, right? Then it’s time for you to really leave this

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