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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 14
Zich’s hands unconsciously reached over his sword’s pommel and stopped.

‘Staycalm. She is not my enemy, at least right now.’

Zich had fought theSaint before he regressed, but this was their first meeting. However, because the memories of whathappened before his regressionwere still so fresh, Zich couldn’t erase the discomfort he felt inside his heart.

The Holy Knight closest to her said in a worried voice,“Lady Lubella. You don’t have to get out personally.”

However,AineLubella shook her head.

“We are the ones who have to ask them a favor. It’s only right that I, the representative of this company, haveto come forward.”

“But we don’t even know the statuses of these men.”

“Karuna’s benevolence doesn’t discern between ranks and status.”

As if she was giving a lecture, Lubella talked strictly and smiled again.

“Furthermore, aren’t all of you going to protect me?”

At her words, all theHolyKnights seemed touched and overwhelmed by emotions,but that also made the Holy Knights more protective over her.

“Stop this. You all have lost. Let her do what she wants.”

A strong, low voice seeped out of the carriage. Then, another person came out of the carriage after theSaint.

‘That guy is!’

Zichhad let down his guard after hearing the conversation between theSaint and her knights, but after seeing this man,Zichheightened his alertness to the maximum in an instant.The manwas also someonewhoZich knew.

With amiable eyes,silver hair, and a beard, he was a kind-looking old man who looked like he had lived a peaceful life. However, he was definitely not the chuckling, next-door grandpa type like his external appearance suggested. He had numerous nicknames such as Karuna’sSword, the idol of all Holy Knights,Guardian of theDivinity, and so on, but to Zich, he was more familiar with the man’s other nickname.


Before Zich was called the Demon Lord,there was a large group of peoplecalled the ‘Demon People.’ Demon Peopledid whatever they felt like, refused toabide by their countries’rules,brought chaos to the world,and generally inconvenienced otherswith their careless attitudes.Before he was called the Demon Lord, Zichhad also beena part of those ‘Demon People.’

However, as these Demon People collided with each other or were removed by an outside force, their numbers decreased. Those who slowly builttheir strength among them and survived later gained the title of the Demon Lord; and before a Hero Party eradicated them, they reigned with fear.

In that time of chaos, this old man minced many Demon People. Currently, hewas standing in front of Zich right now and was laughing, ‘Ho ho!’ Many evildoers and Demon People died under his hands, but the old man was most known for the incident thatgavehim the title, ‘Tasnia’s Killing Machine.’

‘Onthe TasniaPlains, he killedsixDemon People and their followers in one swing.’

During the time that thestoryspread,Demon Peoplehad

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