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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 10
Tiner felt strange after declaring Zich’s victory, and the people around himfeltlikewise.

Not a single audience member cheered for the winner or sympathized with the loser. Some had their mouths shut or talked to those sitting beside them while others were lost in thought. At the unbelievable and ridiculousnessof Zich’s second win, peoplefellinto a panic.


Someone grabbed Zich’s arm.

“I can treat you now, right? I am going to do it even if you refuse!”

It was the priest who had sprung onto the dueling ground as soon as the fight was over. Withhisred face,itseemed likethe priestwouldn’t accept a refusal.

“Do what you want. I’m tired anyways.”

Zich threw his sword away and sat down. Truthfully, he was only moving his body with sheer willpower. He would have lost consciousness if Greig’s declaration of defeat had been a moment late.

Nevertheless, it was his win.

Zich stared at Greig. A priest was also treating him. The area under his eyes was sunken, his face had lost all color, and he had lost a lot of blood.

‘He is out of it.’

Zich felt satisfied.

‘Greig lost to his older brother who he had always looked down on. At this rate, he may never recover.’

But did that matter?

‘Should I end it here?’

This was enough to screw him over, and Zich lost all interest in Greig.

‘Ok, let me start the finale now.’

Zich still had someone left to screw over: the servant, Hans, and—

‘All the Steelwalls!’

They all haddespised and looked down on him; Zichdidn’t intendto giveany of them an easy pass.

“Is it over?”

“Yes, it is over. But since you lost a lot of blood, you should rest for a while!”

Zich ignored the priest’s words and stood up again.

“Y-Young master! You can’t abruptly stand up like that…!”

“Ah, it’s fine. I know my body better than anyone else.”

Zich tuned out the nagging coming from behind him and walked forward.


Zich halted in his steps and arched his neck to see the Count in the upper seats.

“I won,Father.”

“…Yeah, I saw.”

As expected, the Count’s response was curt while the Countess’s gaze was piercing. Still, Zich calmly continued,“Didn’t you promise? You said that you would let the winner of this duel succeed the family.”

People broke into murmurs. They didn’t think that Zich would bring that up first so bluntly. Although rumors about the conditions of the duel had spread, all of thatwasunofficial.

A vein popped out ofthe Count’s forehead.

“Stop spouting nonsense! How could a single duel like this decide anything?!”

Of course, by using the fact that he had not made the conditions public, the Count was planning to make it seem like the promise had never been made.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter.’

At the Count’s outcry, Zich still smiled.

‘What in the world is he thinking?’

Trellfurrowed his eyebrows.

‘Why would he mention that out loud here? It won’t do him any good.’

Although Zich ha

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