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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 27
TheMayor’s mansion was gigantic and magnificent as ever. Enough to be mistaken as a palace, it was a place that a peasant couldn’t even dream of steppingwithin. But was it just a feeling? Themansionsomehow looked darker and gloomier than any other worn-outbuildingin the city.

Zich and Lubella stopped at the mansion’s yard. Unlike before, they confidently strutted around the yard. There was no one outside the mansionwhothey had to hide from.

“It’s like a ghost mansion.”

“A house isa place where people live. If there’s noone livinginsideit, itcan becomequite frightening. This place is more likethatbecause it has so much useless space, giving more room for imagination.”

The whole mansion was empty. After theMayor's assassination, the guards lost their main figure to protectandwere the first ones to leave. Then, theMayor’s family, who felt an ominous feeling from the residence, moved somewhere else. Even the servants didn’t want to stay, and so, the mansionthathad been the fanciest house in the entire city became empty.

“TheDeputyMayorprobably caused this to happensince he is using theMayor’s mansion as the center of his ritual.”

“I guess it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that this mansion is Bellu’s temple.”

“Yes. They probably covered all their bases there. I betthey’ve prepared everything they havefor us.”

“That’s delightful news.”

As if she was trying to imbue some confidence into herself, Lubellaspoke with high spirits. Zich smirked.

“Even if wegreatlydiminished the Bellid guys’ power, they still have a lot of forces left. He probably finished restoring that thing called the ‘Key.’Undernormalcircumstances, we would have retreated and called support, but you know, we don’t have much time.”

“I know.”

“It can’t be helped that we have to fix thisproblemwith just the two of us. It won’t be easy. Are you ready?”

Lubella looked at the staff she was holding. It was something she had gotten when she was chosen as the SaintCandidate. She had sworn that day she would bet her life for light and justice as someone carrying Karuna’s strength and name.

Lubella stared at Zich.Hecould see determination in her eyes.

“I am prepared,” Lubella stated.

“I see, but don’t be too nervous.”

Lubella’s determination seemed too much to Zich, and he tapped her shoulders.

“Even if theDeputyMayor has the city under his control, if our battle creates a loud commotion, military troops will come barging in. Then, if we just play the situation well, we may be able togetthem to joinus. It will also free us of our false charges at the same time.Unless they are blind, they won’t attack us immediately if they see us fighting the undead.”

“Ah, there was that possibility.”

Even if Lubella had made a firm resolution, she was nervous; but hearing Zich’s words,she loosenedher shoulders.

‘As expected ofMr.Zich.’

Lubella believed in Zich completely now.She admired him for his insights.

“Then le

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