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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 12
After finding out the reason for his harsh treatment, Zich began to feel a small amount of guiltand sympathy. However, itended there.

‘I can’t change whathasalready happened.LikeI thought, I can just help them later.’

Zich coolly passed on dealing with theaftermathof his doings to the rest of the family and began preparing for his journey. The first thing he had to do was figureout what to pack.

‘Even if I prepare, I can’t get everything I needinSteelwall anyways.’

But there was nothing to worry about.

‘If I’m missing something, I can buy it on the way.’

Even if Zich was basically an abandoned child, it didn’t change the fact that he was the first son of the Steelwall family. He had a certain amount of savings and inheritance that he could easily secure. The first thing he did was go to a pawn shop and sellthe many gems he possessed. He was able to obtain a large sum from this, and with the money in his pockets, he headed towards the armory shop.

‘As expected of an armory shop in the capital—it’s enormous.’

A wooden sign with a drawing of a sword and shield shook with the wind. No matter what countryorwhat type of leader they were, they all hated armedcommoners. People in power were afraid that armed commoners would point their swords against them. However, the forest was crawling with monsters, and the commoners had no choice but to arm themselves.

Even if they were weak or were unable to fight, they had to request professionals to fight for them. For this reason, armory shops were prolific in the Kingdom.

‘Of course, there is a clear difference in the number and quality of supplies from store tostore, but this is true for any goods.’

Zich opened the store’s door and went in. Numerous weapons and shields hung on the walls, andweapons filled up the showcase fromback to back.


The store owner enthusiastically welcomed Zich and Hans inside. Since it was common for armory shops to have many rough customers, store owners often acted rough, but this place seemed to have at least some sort of customer service.

“Is there an item you are looking for…?!”

Zichstoppedthe store owner who was coming closer and pulled out a sword next to him. The sunlight seeped through the window and sharplyreflected offthe sword.


Zich flicked his fingers on the sword a few times.

‘The sound is okay.’

Then, he tried swinging the sword.


He made a clean half-circle with the sword.Standing awkwardlyin the corner with his shoulders hunched, Hans felt a shiver run down his back.

‘He really is a genius in sword fighting.’

When Hans saw Zich and Greig fight, he thought Zich’s sword fighting skills were extraordinary.

But it was even more impressive than what Hans had thought. Even from a distance, Hans could feel the murderous intent from Zich’s sword.

‘The balance is alright.’

Zich was satisfied with the sword. Of course, this sword could not compare to t

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