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As if the clouds thatcoveredthe skywerethrowing a tantrum that they wouldn’t back off easily, rain poured down from the sky. The streaks were considerably thick, and the cold rain covered the view and deafened all noise.

Most people didn’t take a step outside their house. And even those who went out quickly came back inside after finishing their errands. However, some people welcomed this nasty weather.

Raindrops poured out like a waterfall from an upside-down hoodie. But inside the hoodie, a pair of eyes fiercely shone. It was Zich. Whilecarrying Lubellawho also shielded most of her face with a hoodie from the rain, he looked down at a house.

“Is it really that house?”Lubella asked without much confidence. After taking care of the statue inSude’shouse, Zich had set his next target. Because he had pointed out a place without a single clue, Lubella was quite surprised.

But Zich was sure.

“During the day, I checked the routes that the guards patrolled. Although it’s natural for them to patrol important places or areas where we might hide, they were intensively patrolling areas where there was no clear reason to do so. That obviously means that they are hiding something important in those places.”

“Are you saying that they are hiding Bellu’s statues there?”

“Yes,”Lubella nodded. Truthfully, it didn’t matter if Zich convinced her or not since she was one-sidedly relying on Zich right now.

“Then, let’s go.”

While carrying Lubella, Zich entered the house. As if Zich was right, they saw a tightly guarded border that had not been visible outside the home. However, Zich easily passed the border, knocked out the guards, and removed the traps. Then, after inspecting the building’s insides, Zich found a secret room likethe one they sawinSude’shouse.

Zichwas so skilled at finding hidden spots that Lubella suspectedhis careeragain; but regardless, Zich opened the door to the secret room. Inside, there was the statue of an ugly fish head that they had desperately searched for.

“It’s here.”

“What did I tell you?”Zich boasted,“These kinds of guys are simple. And since they have a lot to lose, they like to overprotect their belongings.”

“Still, I didn’t think that we would be able to find it so easily.”

“We didn’t really find it easily. He laid many baits, but it was because of my skills that we were able to find the real one.”

Zich didn’t seem like he intended to hide his achievements. Some people might have scowled at him because of his lack of humility, but because Zich’s abilities were really coming to light from this crisis in the city, Lubella complimented him without hesitation.

“That’s true. You really are amazing.”

“Ah, that’s kind of embarrassing.”

Zich had boasted just a moment before, but now he tried to be modest. It was because this was his first time receiving such a pure compliment.

‘Usually, when someone boasts, they are followed by all kinds of jeering a

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