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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 3
Zich walked on a thickly carpeted hallway.

As expected of a noble family, there were luxurious decorations on both sides of the wall. However, they didn’t quite match the status of a Count. It looked as if the owner had kept the number of decorations to a minimum to match their status, and all of these things hinted at the character of the castle’s master.

However, Zich didn’t care for the decorations around him and was lost deep in thought.

‘Is it my father?’

His father was someone whom he had forgotten after leaving the family.

‘He probably wants to talk to me about how I beat up that servant and knight.’

Considering the order of events, Zich was not at fault. He did injure them a bit more than necessary, but if his family considered the way the servant and knight had disrespected him, Zich was not at fault. This was especially true for the servant; he deserved to have his neck cut off.

‘That would have been the normal thing to do.’

Unfortunately, his family would not show the bare minimum of what was ‘normal’ to him. In the past, this was the reason why Zich left his family.


Zich stopped before a door with an engraving of a wolf’s fierce-looking face. Next to the door, soldiers stood by with their swords.

Zich tilted his head at them.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

One of the soldiers knocked on the door.

“My Lord, Sir Zich has arrived.”

“Let him come in.”

A low and grave voice seeped out through the door.

“Please go inside, sir.”

The soldier went back to his original spot, and Zich stared at the door for a moment.

‘I remember I used to have a hard time going through this door.’

Zich couldn’t remember his past well. He was basically a different person now, and he didn’t have even the slightest bit of fear as he pushed the door open.

The first figure Zich saw was an old man with a wire-like silver beard, sitting on a big chair. The man’s large eyes and stubborn-looking lips stood out to him, and Zich knew that this man was his father and the castle’s master, Count Steelwall.

TheCountwasn’t the only person in the room. Knight Byner and the servant were also standing beside theCount, and they were completely healed and fine, as if they had been healed with an expensive potion or treated by a rare healer.


There were other people.

‘It’s my mother and younger brother.’

Even with the faint lines around her eyes and mouth, his mother, Florelle Steelwall, was a beauty; and holding his mother’s arms was his younger brother, Greig Steelwall, with his reddish-brown hair and smooth face. It was because of them that even a servant treated Zich poorly.

‘But I can’t only blame them—’

Zich focused his gaze on theCountagain.

‘Since all of this wouldn’t have happened without his approval.’

The master dictated how his family operated, meaning that Zich’s poor treatment was what his father also wanted.

The Count’s piercing eyes stared at Zi

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