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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 16
“How canyou think like that?”

It was late; the candle’s dreamy lights lit up the room and chased away the darkness that was trying to settle down. Two people satin the center of the room where there was a worn-out table and stains spotted the floor’ssurface. It was Zich and Lubella.

The situation was like this: after Lubella chased the thugs away, healed the victim, and checked his identity, she brought Zich to her lodging. Criticism was apparent on Lubella’s face, but Zich looked calm.

“What do you mean?”

“I told you to help those who were in need. Who could take that to mean helping gangsters!”

Some of the Holy Knights protecting Lubella in the room also looked stunned.

“Didn’t you just tell me to help those in need without adding any other conditions? Those guys looked like they were having some serious difficulties.”

“But it’s common sense!”

“I asked you for advice because Idon’t have that common sense though?”

Lubella was at a loss for words at Zich’s response and grabbed her head. As someone who had spent most of her life in church, this was her first time experiencing something like this.

‘No, this isn’t because of my lack of experience.’

Even a person with a lot of experience would have probably never met a person like Zich.

‘If I consider that, even this is an incredible experience to have.’

If she didn’t at least think this way, Lubella felt like her head would have cracked.

“Please continue to try to help the weak.”

“You are sneakily changing the conditions a bit.”

“And who do you think is the cause for that?”

Lubella glared at Zich. All kinds of thoughts of how she should settle the matter with Zichflashed acrossher mind. Then, she got up from her seat.

“Well, for now, let’s apologize to the victim tomorrow.”

“To whom?”

“The person you hit.”

“I already said this before, but I just did what you told me to do…”

At Lubella’s glaring, Zich shrugged.

“I will apologize.”

* * *

“It’s fine.”

Briand Sudegraciously accepted Lubella and Zich’s apology. Thanks to Lubella’s treatment, hehad ahappy-go-lucky smile and looked very easy—no, nice. Zich made a satisfied smile and nodded.Then, he looked towards Lubella.

“He says it’s fine.”

“…Please apologize to him sincerely.”

“I am really fine.”

With Sude’s words,Zich raisedhischineven higher. Lubella wanted to say more, but she gave up because she thought nothing would go through Zich.

“I am sorry. In place of him, I apologize.”

“No, it’s really fine. Furthermore, it’s not like you,Lady Lubella,didanything wrong.”

“I am the one who gave him the suggestion. Isharesome blame too.”

Of course, Lubella had not given him the wrong advice. Who would have thought someone could so inaccurately interpret her words like that? But Lubella still thought she had some responsibility about the matter.

“You really are kind,Lady. As expected of someone from Karuwiman.”


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