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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 15
“How to live a kind life?”


Lubella blinked her eyes. She didn’t expect him to ask such a question. Even Weig looked at Zich with curiosity. In his own way, Zich was really serious.

‘Even if I want to live a kind life, I don’t know the first thing about being kind. When I hit and destroy things, I don’t have to think about anything, so it is convenient.’

For most of his life, Zich lived however he wanted. Even if he wanted to ‘live a kind life,’ he couldn’t think of ways to achieve that goal. So far, he acted according to whatever random ideas poppedup inhis mind, but he wasn’t sure if his actions were really along the lines of ‘living kindly.’

‘This woman might be able to at least tell me where I can start.’

Before Zich regressed, shehad beenaSaint. Even though she was not aSaint right now, being selected as a candidate for Karuwiman’sSaint position was a daunting task. From a young age, she must have possessed the main qualification of theSaint, which was kindness—a quality that Zich thought was not so different from stupidity.

“Hmm, so about that…”

Lubella did not know how to answer. To live a kind life—the question was too broad to give a thorough answer.

“Before I answer, can you tell me why you are asking me this question?”

“Someone suggested that I should try living a kind life for once. But Ioncelived a pretty rough life, so it’s hard for me to grasp what exactly I should do.”

Zich indirectly confessed that he had lived a bad life. However, Lubella praised him instead of rebuking him.

“That’s really impressive. It must have been achallengeto try to change your trajectory in life.”

Asacharacteristic among kind people, she tended to think positively about everything.

“There are many ways to live a kind life. Is there something that you are good at?”

“I’m good at destroying things.”

“I-is that so?”

Seeing how Lubella was taken back, Weig quietly laughed.They could perceiveZich’s character from his few words.

“So, am I right to assume that you are proficient in tasks that utilize your physical strength?”

“Yes, you can say it like that.”

“Then what about helping people who are in need?”

“People who are in need?”

“Yes. There are many different ways to be kind. But fundamentally, I think a kind act is an act that gives happiness to another person, no matter how small or big it is.”

“An act that gives happiness to another person…”

It was an area that Zich had no experience in—no, a lot of contrasting experience in. Although Zich had made many people cry tears of blood, he had never made another individual happy.

“Since you said youare good at tasks that involve physical strength, why don’t you help people in that way?”

“So, I just have to help people who are in need?”

“Yes. If you start doing that, won’t you be able to slowly grasp the concept of kind acts?”

Zich nodded his head.

“Thank you for your advice.”

“No, I am ha

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