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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 20
Lubella rested the whole day. Shewasn’table to sleep at all from constantly hiding and running around, so she needed as much rest aspossible.

When it turned dark, Zich and Lubella went out of their lodging. After carrying Lubella out through the window and putting her down first, Zich went back inside the room and went out through the front door. To their good fortune, the moon and stars were covered by clouds, andZich held Lubella’s hands as they went through the darkness and headed towards theMayor’s mansion.

“It’s over there,”Lubella whispered while pointing towards a mansion.

As expected, the mansion was enormous. Expensive and exotic plants lined the yard and surrounded a three-floor structure. There were over a dozen windowsin the mansion. As if to display the owner’s wealth, the mansion was expensive as it was picturesque.

Zich looked at theMayor’s mansion. Prior to the day, Zich had surveyed the grounds nearby, so hehad seen themansion before.

“Wait a moment here.”

Zich left Lubella for a bit and jumped on a roof nearby; from there, he looked around the mansion. Seeing the sight in front of him, his eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Lamps were planted all around the yard; there was even a magic lamp, so the mansion shone brightly. Guards could also be seen in the yard.All of this was not strange. There was that recent incident with Lubella, and it was theMayor’s house after all, so having guards to protect the mansion was not strange.

‘But there are too few guards.It also seems like there aren’t any guards who can control mana.’

He also had the same suspicion when he saw the mansion during the day. Zich went down from the roof andtold Lubella whathe saw. Then he asked her,“Were there only a few guards from the start?”

“I-I can’t really remember.”

Lubella put down her head in remorse, but Zich did not blame her. As a candidate to become the next Saint, Lubella was just starting to gain experience in the outside world; it was unreasonable to expect her to remember the number of guards in a person’s house. Zich only asked just in case.

“Let’s first try going in.”

“Will it be alright? Wasn’t there something off?”

“Well, it seems like a trap could be waiting for us.”

“T-then should wenotgo in?”

Lubella was shocked at Zich’s almost bored tone.

“Well, if we had a bit more leeway, we could step back and watch the situation a bit more and adjust our plans accordingly…but we don’t have this leeway, right?”


“Even if there is a trap, we have to go in anyway, right?”

“…Yes, you are right.”

Lubella’s eyes shook in nervousness. Fear and hesitation twisted and shook her heart.However,in the end, what took over her heart werefirm determination and strong will.

“Let’s go.”

Seeing her change in heart, Zich let out a small smile.

‘As expected, I can see glimpses of her future self.’

Thinkingback on it, the most bothersome and annoying figurein the Hero Pa

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