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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 11
Trell scowledafterseeing the entrance that Zich had disappeared out of.

‘What is it? What is he thinking?’

Trell thought that Zich had planned everything to create a scenario that would increase his chances of becoming the Count’s heir. But that thought lost credibility the instant that Zich threw away his right as the heir.

“What does Sir Zich want to do exactly?”

Chris Nunn, whohad beenrestraining the Count, seemed to have the same thought as Trell as he asked this question quietly. Fortunately, the Count had calmed down by then.

“I don’t know. He made the situation more advantageous to him in every way and then kicked it all away.”

Chris Nunn clicked his tongue.

“Is he really planning to leave?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Maybe he decided on itat thespur of the moment. In his youth…”

Chris Nunn seemed to have thought that Zich would not truly leave the family.

“But I am sure of this. Since he hasgiven up his right as heir in front of so many people, Greig will become the heir for sure.”

Trell let out an uncontrollable burst of laughter. From what he knew, Chris Nunn was among those who supported Greig. He should be happy about the situation, but Chris Nunn couldn’t hidethedeep sense of regret in his voice.

‘No, it’s not only Chris Nunn.’

A lot of people probably felt the same way. Truthfully, Trell couldn’t hide his feelings of regret and stared at Greig whohadcollapsed onto the ground.

‘He is a bit lacking, but we have no choice but to expect Greig to—!’


“W-what are you doing?”Chris Nunn asked in surprise, but Trell couldn’t answer.

‘Lacking? I just thought that, right?’

Steelwall’s image of Greig was the ‘capable heir,’ but it was different now. After losing to Zich’s schemes and strength, Greig’s image had greatly diminished. It was enough to make Trell unconsciously think that Greig was a bit lacking.

‘People will continue to compare them. Since theyall sawhow talented Zich is—from now on, whenever Greig seems abit lacking, they will see him in a new light.’

And that wouldcreate a feud in Steelwall.

‘It may not be significant, but it could become a bigger issue than Iimagined.’

Fortunately,Greig had many supporters.

‘Still,those who are neutral and the very few Zich supporterswill raise their concern, especially since the talented eldest sonwasharassed into leaving.’

It was acceptable up to this point because Greig was the heir and he had above-average skills. If Greig showed skills that were above average, theconcerns wouldn’t just evaporate into thin air,but they wouldn’t spread outside of the family either.

‘But what if Sir Greig fails to be like his old self?’

Like a derangedperson, Greig was absent-mindedly staring at the placewhereZich had disappeared. This incident could be a moment of shock for him, and Greig could learn and progress from this experience.

‘But what if he nevershakes off theshock?’

Ifonefactor in the sh

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