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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 103
“Huff! Huff!” Trislowa heaved.

The area where his arm used to be was severely burned, and his muscles twisted like someone had wrung them out like laundry. His holy power was depleted, and he almost felt as if his god Bellu had abandoned him.

‘But I still made it out alive somehow.’

It was fortunate that there was a secret passageway near the ritual room. Of course, since another person knew the temple’s secret passages better than him, he didn’t feel fully relieved; but at least it didn’t seem like Zich had shared the information with Belri Weig.

Trislowa didn’t let his guard down and prioritized increasing his distance from the temple. In addition to the worry he felt that Zich might attack him suddenly, he moved carefully to avoid Karuwiman’s followers from spotting him. Fortunately, the Karuwimans seemed to be only focused on the temple.

Trislowa went behind the temple and slipped his body into a depression in the cave’s wall. In that place, there was a very small gap where he could hear the rushing sound of water from below. The place was connected to the lake.


Trislow squeezed his body between the gaps. It was so narrow that the rocks scratched all parts of his body, but he managed to come out safely.


Water swished around. Trislowa’s heart thumped in worry that his enemies might hear him. Fortunately, no one seemed to have noticed. The place he was at was an underwater cave that was connected to the backside of the temple’s lake. Trislowa continued to move forward quietly inside the waters.

Since he didn’t have one arm, it was difficult for him to swim, but as followers of Bellu, the god of water, the entire Bellid community was skilled in swimming. Thus, although it was hard, Trislowa swam well underwater.

Trislowa soon saw another underwater cave near the back of the lake. The cave was incredibly small, and he squeezed his body between a gap. The size was just barely large enough for an adult man to fit in by crawling. His body and head kept colliding into the bumpy walls, but Trislowa continued to move forward.

“Haa!” When he was at his breath’s limit, Trislowa finally went up to the surface. He got out of the water and saw a gentle slope and a small passage. He could finally sigh in relief now.

‘I don’t know how that guy got information about the secret passages in the temple, but I bet he doesn’t know about this place.”

The only one who knew of this passage’s existence was himself. Before, Trislowa had found the passage by coincidence and kept it a secret without telling anyone about it for emergency situations. Trislowa sloppily healed his severed arm with a tiny amount of holy power and began to climb the slope.

The passage was quite long. However, since Karuwiman’s forces could search around the temple’s surroundings, he preferred for it to be long and thought he could increase his distance from the temple.

Quite a bit of time had passed by the time h

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