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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 85

‘She doesn’t seem to have much resistance against pain.’

Zich hadn’t expected her to be like him who could continue fighting half-dead, but she seemed a little too inexperienced with pain. It didn’t match up to her fighting prowess.

Even now, she was sweating like a waterfall from the wound Zich just inflicted on her, to the extent that it was hard for her to move.

‘Should I try to force information out of her?’

To be frank, Zich was much more curious about the silver-haired woman than Ms. Bargot, who was already dead. On the other hand, Zich’s situation was too dangerous for him to force information out of his opponent like usual.

‘If only I had my sword.’

It had been an unavoidable sacrifice; moreover, he was able to severely injure her by destroying his sword. On the other hand, Zich’s battle power was also clearly compromised. But he was not going to lose.

“Sir Zich!”

Zich suddenly sensed a group of people coming towards him, and a person called out to Zich.

‘It’s Sir Brod.’

Brod had left Joachim in a safe place and was bringing a group of knights to him. Hans was with them.

“Are you alright!” Seeing Zich’s injury, Brod shouted out to him with concern.

Zich waved his hands to show that he was alright. Brod and his soldiers were relieved that Zich’s injury was not very serious; however, their relief lasted only for a moment. Brod began to gauge Zich’s situation. The situation was completely different from what he expected.

“…What kind of situation is this?”

“Hmmm. I also wonder what kind of situation this is.” Even Zich laughed at the surprising development of circumstances. “Sir Brod, can I first hear how your situation went?”

“Ah, we were successful in putting Sir Joachim in a safe place. Sir Joachim asked us to fight as loud as possible in our battle with Ms. Bargot to alert citizens of Ospurin about the danger and encourage them to quickly make their escape.”

“That’s reasonable. But I don’t think that’s necessary anymore. That woman in front of us killed Ms. Bargot.”

“Killed Ms. Bargot?”

Zich pointed towards Ms. Bargot’s corpse with his finger. A monster’s corpse with only its upper body was rolling on the ground. People’s eyes widened as they saw it.

“…You are saying that the woman in front of us made Ms. Bargot like that?”

“Yes, with just one hit.”

“She was able todefeatthatMs.Bargot in one hit?”

“Well, it was a surprise attack, but even considering that, it’s an amazing feat. She’s an extremely powerful magician.”

“A magician…”

All of Zich’s words were unbelievable. Brod swallowed his saliva and stared at the silver-haired woman in front of him. If they were not in such a serious situation, he would have been dazed by her beauty. But as a ‘magician who killed Ms. Bargot with one hit,’ her beauty didn’t even register in Brod’s mind.

“I don’t really understand the situation, but are you saying that she is our enemy?”

“I wo

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