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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 76
“You bastard!”

“Yep! That’s it! Humans have to portray their emotions like that!” Zich laughed while watching the man suffer. Even though the cloaked man gritted his teeth, he coldly assessed his situation.

‘The plan has been completely ruined.’

It was even worse because he failed in converting Joachim, out of all people, into a Demon Person. Moreover, he accidentally revealed information about his plan and organization.

‘He is not an ordinary variable.’

The man glared at Zich. Since the man hated extraneous variables, he worked extraordinarily hard in getting rid of Zich. However, even after numerous attacks against him, Zich managed to survive and totally shattered his plans.

‘Can I kidnap him?’ The man wanted to figure out what more information Zich knew. ‘Considering the unknown variable’s skills and the skills of his companions, it would be too difficult.’

The man felt regretful. As soon as he heard sounds of battle outside, he should have knocked out Joachim and dragged him out. ‘Trying to capture that extra variable has backfired on me.’ The man initially thought that he could definitely capture Zich if his reinforcements came, so he tried to drag out his time with Joachim. He didn’t think that Zich’s group would be strong enough to reach the castle’s jail.

‘I guess it can’t be helped. I should first get out of this place.’

Since the plan failed, he had to make a report about Zich and how some of their plans got found out.

“Hey, you! Are you trying to get away?”

With his keen instincts, Zich noticed right away what the man was about to do.

The man moved.


The iron bars that locked Joachim broke off with ease. The man jumped into the prison cell; his plan was to use Joachim as a captive to escape.

“Snoc!” Zich loudly called out to Snoc. At the same time, the prison shook intensely.


The prison collapsed, and an enormous amount of soil and debris poured out of the prison.

“S-sir Joachim!”

Hans, Snoc, and the knights who supported Joachim all screamed.

“Sir Zich, w-what are you doing?” Brod, the leader of the knights, fervently protested against Zich. Since he knew one of Zich’s followers, Snoc, had the power to control earth, Brod knew who caused the prison to collapse.

“Do not worry. Sir Joachim is fine.”

“He is fine?”


The earth shook again; however, the vibration was smaller than last time. Brod’s feet wobbled like waves. Then, as if he was rising from the water surface, Joachim rose from the ground.

“Sir!” Brod shouted and ran to Joachim. Joachim’s face was dazed as if he could not understand what just happened to him.

“Are you injured anywhere!”

“Ah, no. Fortunately, I don’t think I’m hurt anywhere.”

Even though he said this, Joachim touched his body to make sure. However, other than the injury he got from resisting capture (which was starting to swell), he had no other injuries.

“Good job, Snoc.” Zich

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