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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 79
“…What did you say?” Joachim asked again. It was not because he couldn’t hear what Zich said. It was because he couldn’t believe Zich’s words. However, since Joachim asked this question, Zich made the effort to repeat his previous statement.

“I said, there’s a high possibility that Ms. Bargot is the one who spread the infectious diseases this time around.”


People had their mouths closed. Their eyes were full of disbelief as they stared at Zich. For everyone in the room, Zich’s words were beyond shocking. Out of all the people, only Hans maintained enough composure to think that despite his shock, he should first try listening to Zich.

“Stupid fool! You aren’t able to differentiate between reality and imagination anymore! Because you found the cure, you think you can just go around spouting nonsense?” Shalom mocked Zich. “If that’s not it, do you want to get all the credit for putting an end to Igram? You acted as if you didn’t need any recognition, but I guess you are a shallow person after all. As expected of someone on the Dracul family’s side. You guys go very well together.”

“Why are you being so defensive?” Zich calmly replied to Shalom’s mockery. “You act as if you have to be the one at fault.”

Shalom’s face stiffened. “…I’m the one who is the judge. Do you think I will be happy if someone contradicts me!”

“So even if you get killed, you swear on your life that you were the one who invented and spread the infectious disease around this estate?”


“Then can you tell me how you invented it? Ah, you don’t have to give me a specific explanation. You can just give me a basic outline or theory.”

“…” Shalom did not reply.

“What happened? Try saying anything. I told you—if your words make sense, I will believe you. Ah, did you find the information in a book like me? Then I guess it can’t be helped.” Zich smirked while recalling his past events.

“…Then is it really true…” Joachim murmured to himself. Other people also began to realize that Shalom did not know much about infectious diseases.

“…Fine. I admit it. I just used the diseases that the robed man gave me. But I was the one who judged—”

“But isn’t it strange?” Zich cut off Shalom’s words again. Like a cat cornering a mouse, Zich slowly drove Shalom into a wall.

“Aren’t you siding with Ms. Bargot too much? If you acted like you usually did, instead of just telling me that you got it from the robed man, you would have laughed at my face and told me it was my choice whether or not I believed your words.”

Zich seemed like he was enjoying the situation. No, he was definitely enjoying it. Hans shook his head as he saw that Zich’s sadistic personality had emerged again. However, Hans remained focused on Zich. When Zich was like this, he was as keen as he was demeaning.

“I don’t think you are reacting like this out of guilt because whenever it comes to Ms. Bargot, you draw a firm line. Whenever we searched for Ms. Bargot,

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