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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 72

As he continued to kill off the assassins who dared to attack him, Zich noticed something was strange.

‘Their atmosphere changed again.’

A calm atmosphere enveloped the assassins. They looked like monks who knew they were going to die soon and fully accepted their fate. So far, the assassins had never shown signs of being afraid of death, but now they looked as if death was imminent for them.

‘He must be the reason.’

Zich stared at Clovey who was a few feet away from him. He thought Clovey had gulped down a potion, but Zich had judged wrong.

“Kuaaaaaaa!” Clovey let out a scream. He pierced his own body and squirmed in pain.

“That’s why you don’t eat random food off the ground.”

Zich clicked his tongue in an exaggerated way. However, while he was fighting off the assassins, Zich’s eyes never left Clovey.


Clovey’s skin shook like ocean waves; his armor crumpled, and his muscles swelled up to enormous proportions. As his body increased, his lower body also exponentially increased.

“Roaaaar!” Clovey’s screams changed to roars in the middle; his voice no longer sounded human. Now one head taller than his original state, Clovey looked down at Zich. His black eyes indicated that he was no longer sane.



Hans and Snoc were shocked by Clovey’s transformation. Zich raised his alert level one step higher; but surprisingly, Zich was delighted. Zich had seen Clovey’s transformation before, and he was familiar with its appearance.

‘It’s Fest!’

Now, Zich knew for sure. Even though he didn’t know who Fest was, Zich was now confident that he met Fest at least once in his pre-regression days. No, to be more precise, Zich and his subordinates had coincidentally visited a place where Fest had spread infectious diseases. Like Snoc and Hans, Zich and his subordinates had been eagerly anticipating arriving in a city after a long journey to eat lots of delicious food and sleep in a warm bed, but the city they arrived in was decimated by epidemics.

Since Fest’s notoriety was at its peak, Zich and his subordinates knew about Fest’s existence from the very beginning and were furious at Fest for hampering their plans. They looked all over the city for Fest but could not find any trace of Fest’s whereabouts. However, it seemed as if Fest was also annoyed by Zich and his companions since Fest sent assassins to bombard them. And during this time, one of the assassins showed the same characteristics as Clovey.

Fortunately, Zich and his subordinates were able to destroy the whole city, along with Fest’s underlings. However, even till the end, Zich hadn’t been able to figure out the source of the assassin’s transformation. Since Fest was involved, the transformation was probably related to a disease, but Zich had never heard of or seen a disease that completely transformed a person’s body. But because of how unknown it was, Zich was sure that Fest was involved.

Even though

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