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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 93
It was as if frost was falling in the room. Hans, Snoc, and Lubella—of course, Weig and the Pope, who were both currently stronger than Zich—all froze for a moment. Weig’s hands instinctively reached towards the handle of his sword; that was how strong Zich’s bloodthirst was.

“Hohoho! That was very scary. Even though I understand how furious you must be, I ask that you withdraw your bloodthirst. It’s putting a strain on an old man’s heart who might not see the light of tomorrow.”

“Oops. My emotions got the better of me. I apologize.” Zich withdrew his bloodlust. Hans, Snoc, and Lubella’s faces began to look relieved. But their expressions were not fully back to normal.

The Pope continued, “I understand. I also lost my friends and comrades to those Bellid bastards. It’s a sin for those guys to exist—that’s why we have to kill every single one of them.”

Even though the Pope didn’t let out his bloodlust like Zich, his spirit was also fierce. Hans and Snoc gulped their saliva. The Pope, who had been friendly like a next-door grandpa, was now showing his force as the leader of a large and powerful organization.

“I heard that your sworn enemy is Cardinal Cullun Trislowa.”

“Yes, he is.”

“He’s an extremely vicious person. I don’t even want to say he is human. However, he is strong. Not as strong as Sir Weig, but I predict that he possesses the same strength as Karuwiman’s highest level priest.”

Weig made a groan, as he didn’t seem pleased to be compared to Cullun Trislowa. However, nobody, including the Pope, paid any attention to him, even the kind Lubella. Weig felt a little disheartened. He suddenly missed the innocent Lubella for a bit.

“Mr. Zich, I know that you are very strong considering your age, but I don’t think you are stronger than him. Are you still planning to fight him?”

“When all of you attack, I will start moving inside. I might not be a good diversion, but I won’t at least be a hindrance to all of you.”

“…You are saying that you won’t change your mind.”

Lubella looked at Zich with concern, but she didn’t say anything because she respected his decision. The Pope spoke again, “We will be extremely secretive about this plan. We can’t afford to let pests like Bellid realize this plan and crawl away. We will be strictly controlling our information about this plan in our external as well as internal factions. Even the military force that we are gathering right now don’t know they are gathering to fight against the Bellid.”

“How would you deal with the surrounding countries? People would feel threatened by a Karuwiman army.”

“We’ve already spread some information as bait. It’s not common for us to move our military force, but it’s not like it never happens. When we finish our raid against Bellid, we will then tell the truth. Even though there might be countries that express their discomfort, raiding the Bellid is a right of the Karuwiman, recognized by all sovereign nations.”


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