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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 54
Amemory from long ago came flooding into his mind. What he remembered most clearly was a woman. Before he was sealed,she was the first and final person he made a contract with. However, she wasn’t just someone heformeda contract with. She was thefirst beinghe met right after his birth,his precious friend,andsomeone whoshowed Nowem a whole new world.

Yet, their ending was tragic.

Inhis desire to protect andforma more special relationship with her, he unconsciouslyformed a contract with her. However, a magical beast’s special manawas the sameas poison to a normal person. Succumbingtothe immense power of the earth, she began to grow ill like cracked, dry soil; and becauseher body rejected hismana, she began to lose her mind and went out of control from time to time.

Soon, she became a symbol of fear among humans. However, it was impossible to break the contract. It was an absolute contract, decided from his birth, and it could only end if one of them died. Still, she didn’t resent him.

On the other hand, Nowem tried to kill himself many times. He thought heshouldbe the one to die if one of them had to die, but she stopped him. She threatened himand said thatif hedied,she wouldkill herself right after.Thus, the two traveled all around the world to find a way to break the contract.

Afterthey went through all kinds ofsuffering and trials, they finally found a method: it was a seal; an immensely strong one that could cancel the contract that bound them together. Although sealing himself meanttheirseparation was unavoidable, that was the only method they could find. Moreover,they didn’t have enough time—her skinwas likean old, oak tree,her hairwasbrittle,and her eyesweremuddy. There was no trace of thevibrant and bright energyshe used to carry herself with. The only thing that was the same was her smile while shepatted him.

[It’s time forus to separate.]

She didn’t have much time left. She was against the sealing, but Nowem insisted. He wanted her to enjoy a peaceful time, even if it was for a short period. While she shed her tears, the smile on her lips didn’t disappear.

[You will definitely meet your soulmate in the future.]Shewhispered tohim.[You won’t meet someonewho lacksskills like me.Aperson whowill be able toaccept all your powers will definitely appear in front of you. So don’t give up. Pleasefindyour happiness.]

Her sincere feelings touched Nowem’s heart. She hugged Nowem and felt his soft fur, small body, and temperature that was slightly higher than a human’s as if she was trying to imprintthese senseson her body. Then she sang a soothing song. They didn’t know when it began, but there was a song spreading across the world. The song denounced Nowem and the lyricswere filled with fear and resentment towards him.

[If we solve this issue, let’s travel around the world. We can do a lot of good deeds and change the lyrics of the song.]

After listening to the song, she said this to him. However,theyfail

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