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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 41
‘It’s over!’

Snoc placed his hands on his knees and felt relieved. A refreshing air that contrasted the suffocating atmosphere inside the mine softly caressed his body. He couldn’t have felt happier to see the silverish moon or hear the chirps of nameless bugs outside.

“You have done well.”

With those careless words, Drew left and went down the mountain by himself. Drew let out an aura like he didn’t want to talk, so Snoc didn’t say anything and absentmindedly watched as Drew disappeared out of view.


He felt pain all over his bruised and wounded body. Snoc sat down and touched his injured areas.



It was a familiar cry.

Snoc stopped paying attention to the mole when he tried to focus on his mana control, so he didn’t realize that the mole had followed him outside of the mine.

“What? You followed me all the way here?”

He tried placing his hand on the mole’s face. Most moles would have scrambled away at a human’s hand, but this one rubbed his face on Snoc’s hand.

“You don’t have a family?”


“Are you alone?”


He continued to talk to the beast who probably couldn’t even understand him. The mole let out a small cry after every sentence, but Snoc didn’t think that the animal was answering him. However, he had to admit that the mole was adorable. The mole that had no family and clung to a stranger also reminded him of himself.

“Do you want to come with me?”

Snoc stopped patting the mole; he turned his hand and placed it in front of the mole’s feet. The mole poked the edge of his finger with his nose. Then, he crawled onto Snoc’s hand.

“Haha! Oh, you must have wanted to come with me!”

He felt a small amount of warmth in his hands. Snoc’s body was all bruised up, but at that moment, he didn’t feel any pain. He hugged the mole tightly to his chest, and the mole, which poked his head out from the edge of Snoc’s shirt, sniffed around and situated himself in a comfortable spot.

“What should I call you?”

While tightly hugging his unexpected, new family member, Snoc went down the mine.

* * *

There wasn’t a human presence in the mine, and a dreary silence encompassed the area. It was late, so the site’s empty appearance was typical for its time. But soon after, the silence broke and a figure came into view. Surprisingly, it was Drew, who had left Snoc to go down the mine alone. He stared at the path that Snoc had taken and said, “It’s going all according to plan.”

His low tone sounded evil like a demon reciting his wicked plans.

“Are you satisfied now?”

Who was he talking to? Drew looked strange while talking to himself in an empty mine.


He heard an answer inside the mine that was completely covered in darkness. A figure came out of the darkness and appeared into view. Anyone who saw the figure would probably have the same thought: ‘He looks suspicious.’

The person didn’t have a distinct characteristic or f

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