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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 52
‘Has it come down to this?’

Snoc’s mana properties were completely skewed towards the earth. Since he was able to use the magical beast’s powers freely, it was natural that they would be highly compatible in personality and temperament. However, Snoc adamantly refused to form a contract.

As Zich predicted, Snoc’s mentality must have been greatly shaken up. He first tried to persuade Snoc gently.

“I don’t know what exactly that man said to you, but it was part of his plan to make you go berserk. There’s a high possibility that he was the one who hired Drew to trick you.”

When Zich mentioned Drew, Snoc flinched. Taking that as a good sign, Zich continued, “He probably said stuff to form a rift between you and the magical beast, but you shouldn’t take any of that to heart. It wouldn’t be bad for you to make a contract with—”

“No, I don’t want to!”


Snoc was more stubborn than he predicted. It had been a while since Zich didn’t know what to do. As Snoc’s resistance continued, Sam intervened.

“What are you saying! This is not the time to act emotionally! Think of your safety first!”

“The only reason why you were able to get your consciousness back is because I made the berserk side of you faint. If your berserk side awakens, you will lose consciousness again.”

Zich further supported Sam’s words.

“Yeah, listen to him! You are still not safe!”


Snoc’s complexion grew pale; his trembling eyes revealed his troubled heart. But Snoc was still reluctant to make a formal contract.

‘Is there something I’m missing?’

Snoc’s reaction was too intense for a simple misunderstanding. Even with Sam’s constant pestering, Snoc maintained his silence and showed his unwillingness to form a contract.

‘No, it seems like he doesn’t know what to do.’

Zich tilted his head and continued to think.

‘Just judging by his reaction, it’s like I asked him to make a contract with his archnemeis who killed his parents or something—!’

At that moment, Zich recalled several pieces of information.

‘If Nowem is really the mining monster from the myth, he must have been sealed in the Iruce Mine. And he was released from the seal for some reason.’

Zich didn’t know how Nowem was released, but that was not the important part. The important part was what happened after the seal was released.

‘Since he is a magical beast of the earth, a lot of the earth’s energy would have been stored inside the seal. Once the seal was broken, all of the energy inside of it must have been released at once.’

An earthquake probably happened as a result.

‘Earthquakes are dangerous everywhere, but I’m sure it’s more dangerous inside a mine since the caves can collapse.’

Zich tried to recall a conversation he had with Sam in the bar. Sam got drunk and lamented to Zich about Snoc’s sad life. It was then that Zich found out why Snoc hated working as a miner so much.

‘If I recall properly, Snoc’s dad died from a

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