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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 38
“Two jugs of beer and two pieces of rabbit meat, please!” Zich sat on a chair and shouted. Hans quickly sat down in front of him.

“You can rest in the lodging if you are tired,” Zich smiled while he said this, but Hans shook his head.

Hans’ greatest joy these days was a drink after his training. Just for this moment, he endured sleeping in the mountains and fighting monsters. No matter what Zich said, Hans couldn’t give this up, and Zich chuckled at Hans’ fervent response. Before his order came, he put his arm on the back of his chair and looked around the bar.

“Oh, wait?”

Zich heard loud voices in the corner of the room. A large group had connected several tables and were laughing and talking. One member of the group wiped his tears from laughing so much and noticed Zich staring at him.


“It’s Sam.”

Zich waved his hand.

“Ohh, is he Sam’s friend?”

“Isn’t he the guy we met in front of the mine entrance last time?”

“Ah, he is the guy who catches monsters and ensures our safety.”

“What! We can’t just leave a man like that!”

“Of course! As a man from the mines, if I don’t serve him a drink, I should cut off my balls!”

The miners talked and gathered around Zich’s table. Then they forcefully attached Zich’s table to theirs.

“Uh? Huh?”

Dazed, Hans swiveled his head around; in comparison, Zich looked like he was enjoying himself and followed the miners’ movements.




More than ten glasses collided in the middle, and Zich poured beer into his throat. The angle of his beer glass arched deeply, but Zich didn’t break away. Soon, the lukewarm beer disappeared from the glass with one gulp.


Letting out a refreshing shout, Zich slammed the beer glass on top of the table. All the miners laughed at the sight.

“Wow, you look dainty, but the way you drink proves that you are a real man!”

“Of course, he is my friend! Do you think I will just befriend anybody?” Sam shouted while wrapping his arms around Zich’s shoulders. Hans watched the loud and vulgar but vibrant sight in front of him in amazement. Zich laughed and sang with his beer glass raised, fitting in perfectly with the miners. Who would have thought he was the Steelwalls’ successor not too long ago?

“In comparison, look at him. His buddy doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself?”


One of the miners struck up a conversation with him, and Hans awkwardly replied. The man’s reddened face stared at him intently.

“He is no fun. What’s your relationship with Sam’s friend?”

“He is my servant,” Zich answered. “Please understand. He doesn’t know how to match the mood since he grew up sheltered.”

It didn’t seem fitting for an ex-aristocrat like Zich to say this, but Zich fit in so well with the miners that Hans couldn’t say anything.

“Hold up. I thought he was just your companion—he’s your servant? Is Sam’s friend actually someone of high status?”


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