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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 56
The desolate forest was submerged in silence. Only the sound of various creatures moving around could be heard, and the serene flood spread calm energy around its surroundings as if it was being considerate of the forest’s silence. However, the silence that seemed like it would last a thousand years was mercilessly broken by a few uninvited guests.


The air vibrated and the ground shook. Mysterious birds resting on the trees bolted away in surprise.


With another explosion, several trees fell. In the middle of the flood, a large hole appeared. Under the blue sky, the ground underneath the flood appeared in clear view.

A battle was in full swing. Hans and Snoc paired up to attack Zich together. Hans swung his sword sharply, and Snoc made a towering pile of earth to strike Zich. However, Zich evaded and destroyed all of their attacks.



Hans flew off after being hit on the cheek with a scabbard, and Snoc fell down after receiving a kick to the stomach.

“You bastards! Why aren’t you attacking me properly! Did you forget everything I’ve taught you!”

Snoc and Hans hurriedly got up from Zich’s shout, but they immediately grew pale as a blue sword flew towards them. Hans raised his sword to protect himself and Snoc raised another earth barrier.

Crash! Crash!

Zich’s sword landed on Hans’ sword and Snoc’s barrier; they both let out a scream.

“First, you!” In an instant, Zich stood in front of Hans and kicked him. “I told you to distribute your strength! Is there nothing going inside your mind when you stand still while blocking my sword! Are you that type of person? Thoughtless punks who only live in the moment and don’t think at all about the future? Even those bastards think for at least one second, you stupid fuck!”

Hans rolled on the ground.

“And you!”

It was now Snoc’s turn to be scolded. He had been coughing while protecting himself with a dirt covering.

“In a fight, you have to always keep track of your opponent. Are you so stupid to block your path of sight with a dirt wall? How are you going to track your opponent without your eyes!”


Snoc also got kicked and rolled on the ground.

“And you!” Before Snoc fell down, Zich caught Nowem and growled at him. “You fucking mole! Are you just a tool that gives this idiot some power? I told you to take advantage of your magical beast properties! Whether you collaborate with him or create a diversion, participate in the battle too, you bastard! What’s the use of making a contract!”

And Zich also threw Nowem with great force.


“Ah! Nowem!”

Nowem’s screams sounded sad as he flew across the air. Snoc scurried to where Nowem was.

“You useless bastards! Come at me again! I’m going to fix all of your idiotic behaviors today!”

Zich began to wield his sword again. Even though Zich was controlling his strength, he showed no mercy. Hans, Snoc, and even Nowem screamed out loud

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