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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 58
Joachim gladly accepted Zich’s offer. In their current situation,they needed as much help as they could get. On the other hand, Hans and Snocwerefrightened about the epidemic, but Zichhitthe back of their heads and lessened some of their fears.

“Hans, you won’t have any problems withyouramount of mana! Do you think I made your training that easy? It’s the same for you, Snoc! Do you think someone who made a contract with a magicalbeast will die from a disease? I have never heard a contractor dyingforsuch a stupid reason. So throw your worries away and focus on working!”

Besides everything else, Hans and Snoc had great faith in Zich’sskills and training. Thus, theycastedtheir worries aside and began to help with the work around the camp. However, the fear of contracting a disease wasn’t the only struggle workers hadto deal within an epidemic.

“Ugh…!”Snoc groaned, seeing the corpses comingout of the village. Hans had a bit more experience than him, buthealso responded similarly.

“Hm, they didn’t die peacefully.”

Zich looked down at the corpses below him. There were severe rashes and pus all over their bodies. Their eyes, which were incapable of closing, were yellow, and all the hair on their head was gone. Amputated black regionsindicatedthat thoseregionshad become rotten andfallenoff. The pungent odor coming off the corpses seemed to numb his senses.



Eventually,Hans and Snoc began togag, and the soldiers who brought in the corpses glanced at them. However, the soldiers didn’t say much since they had gone through a similar stagelikeHans and Snoc.

“Please put this in the pit over there.”

Following the soldier’s words, Zich lifted the corpse and left Hans and Snoc alone for a while. Hewas givingthem some time to get used to the situation.

‘Of course, if theystay like this, I will kick their butts.’

For now, Zich thought it was fine to let themenjoy hisgenerosity. Then he went to the pit while holding all the belongings and felt a faint trace of heat comingoutfrom the hole. Inside the pit, there were ashes of scorched tree branches mixed with burnt corpses.

They were at an incineration plant. As if it was recentlybuilt,there were some fresh corpses piled on top, and Zich threw the corpse he was holding in it. A new corpse was added to the pit, and after staring at the corpses, Zich shook his head.

‘This is quite serious.’

An epidemic was already a very serious matter, but looking at the state of the corpses, the epidemic looked worse than usual. Zich headed back to the village. As soon as he stepped inside, he heard all kinds of groans and screams across the area. Doctors and priests were shouting while soldiers were running. It almost felt as if he wason the front lines of a battlefield.

“Are you a bit better now?”

After throwing up for a while, Hans and Snoc seemed better and walked towards Zich like zombies.

“S-Sorry, sir. We couldn’t hold it in no matter wha

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