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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 71
‘They could be working together.’

Judging by the current situation, Zich could not erase that possibility. No, it seemed very likely that they were collaborating together.

‘Since the assassin group’s focus is to make Demon People, Fest could be one of their creations.’

This was good for Zich either way. The reason why Zich had come to this village while thinking it might be a trap was because he wanted to meet the assassin group again.

‘Just finding out that Fest and the organization are working together is already a good harvest for me.’

Of course, Zich was not satisfied with just finding out this information. If he could, he wanted to get as much information as possible. However, it would be very difficult for Zich to find any more information about them considering that they were so inclined to self-destruct. But Zich was not fazed.

‘I have to be patient when dealing with guys like this. I need to slowly gather information bit by bit and find the perfect timing.’

That was the extent of Zich’s thoughts. He didn’t need to think any further; moreover, Clovey’s attacks put a stop to Zich’s thoughts.

Crash! Crash!

As expected of a knight, Clovey’s movements were fast, and his attacks had great power. From what Zich knew, Clovey was the strongest among Joachim’s subordinates—no, he was one of the strongest knights in the whole Dracul estate. Compared to Zich’s younger brother, Greig, or a beginner knight like Byner, Clovey was an experienced and powerful knight.


Zich bounced off Clovey’s cleverly placed sword attacks. Since Clovey’s sword was fast and strong, Zich’s hands were becoming a bit sore. However, it was not only Clovey that Zich had to pay attention to.


As if it appeared from the ground, a dagger suddenly jumped towards Zich’s side. With his elbows, Zich pushed the dagger away by hitting its hilt. Just when it seemed as if Zich had avoided one dagger, another came flying towards his side. Zich pushed that one away too, and while he was occupied with the dagger, Clovey made a giant swing.


Just the sound of his swing shook the air. Zich expressionlessly watched Clovey’s sword move in front of him. Since the magnitude of Clovey’s attack was large, the assassins had to take a moment to escape from his attack. Thus, when Zich evaded Clovey’s attack, the battle came to a stop.

But this only lasted for a moment, and very soon, numerous opponents came running towards Zich again.

‘The flow of their movements is very good.’

Even Zich was amazed by Clovey and the assassins’ abilities to coordinate their attacks. It was even more amazing because the assassins probably received no professional training in connecting their attacks with Clovey.

‘The assassins look as if they were trained to coordinate their attacks, but I’m sure that they didn’t train with Clovey.’

There were definitely areas where Clovey and the assassin’s attacks did not flow well

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