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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 42
Sam was completely healed from the potions Hans brought. It was the result of using not just one but three potions.

However, Sam didn’t recover consciousness right away. Since he also received mental damage, it would take at least oneor moredays for him togain consciousness. Aftersending Sam safely back to his house, Zich leaned in front of theMonsterExterminatorBuilding and waited. It was obvious who Zich was waiting for.

Paul Chenu came out of the building a few times andthensaid, “Hey, honestly, we don’t want to be involved in this conflict.Sincethat Samguy has already been healed, the security officials also won’t enforce severe punishment on Drew.”

To the high officials, the victim was just a miner. Moreover, it was not a conflict that occurred inside the city, so there was no reason for security officials to actively resolve this conflict.

“If you cause a scene here and harm this building, it would be troublesome for us. This is an important national institution.”

This building was more important than the life of one miner. This was not a surprising development since life was cheap in this world. Zich also knew this, andhedidn’t feel the need tocomplain.

“Don’t worry. I will resolve this conflict without causing harm to the surrounding areas.”

“Also, it would be troublesome for us if you actually kill Drew. He was one of the adventurers we hired after all.”

“Of course. You might not believe it, but I want to live a kind life. I’m not going toeasilykill someone, so don’t worry too much.”

And as if to support his statements, Zich smiled brightly at Paul Chenu.

“…I don’t really feel reassured by that smile.”

Paul Chenu flinched and took a step back.

“Anyways, just don’t create a situation where we have to be involved.”

That was themain reason forPaul Chenu’s pestering; he didn’t want to be involved in a dangerous and complicated affair. Zich alsodidn’t blame orinsult Paul Chenu’s self-preserving attitude.

“Of course.”

AlthoughPaul Chenu said everything he wanted, he didn’t go back in and stared at Zich.

Zich was about to ask Paul Chenu if he needed anything more from him when Paul Chenufirst said, “Are you confident that you can beat him?Our team specially recruited him. Even among the mercenary soldiers, he is very skilled. If you attack him with mediocre skills,you’re the one who’s going to get beat up.”

Zich blinked his eyes. He stared at Paul Chenu as if he was seeing a strange, new species for the first time.

“W-why are you looking at me like that?”

“…Ah, I guess. Yes. Yeah, I guess you can think like that. You said something I didn’t expect at all, so I was a bit taken aback.”

“Really, what’s up with you? Didit not even cross your mindthat you could lose?”

Zich nodded, and it was Paul Chenu’s turn to be surprised. Zich’s confidence was over the roof.

‘No, thinking about it, Drew is also super cocky. Are all adventurers or travelers like theseguys?’

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