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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 40
“Wow, what a bastard,”Zich grumbled.

‘Hah, my personality has reallybecomebetter. I actually let a guy like that go.’

If it wasn’t for Snoc, who Sam cared for likeabrother, and the troll that appeared at the right time, Zich would’ve broken a couple of Drew’s limbs by now.

Hans approached Zich and asked,“What’s their relationship?”

“Anadventurer and a miner. They don’t seem to have much in common.”

“Snocfantasizesadventurers. He probablyfollowedDrew to learn a couple of things. I heard himaddressDrewas‘Teacher.’”

“Good for him.”

“I’m not sure about that,”Zichsaidnegatively.

‘There’s no way a guy like that will raise a disciple.’

Moreover, Zich had never heard about an adventurerraisinga disciple. Adventurers were people who were too busy with their day-to-daytasksof surviving.

‘At best, he will be aluggage carrier, and at worst, a meat shield. If he is unlucky, he will be used for something worse.”

Most people would have lost interestby this point,thinking, ‘It’s his life,’ but Snoc was someone his friend Sam dearly cared for,sothe matter concerned Zich a tiny bit—as much as an ant’s teardrop.

However, he didn’t think of doing something amazing for Snoc.It ended at the level of:‘Maybe I should give Sam a heads-up?”

“B-By the way, thank you, sir.”

“Huh? About what?”

Hansthanked himout of nowhere, so Zich stared at him strangely. If Hanswasspitting out words in a mentally dysfunctional state, Zich was willing to hit Hanson thehead a couple of times to cure him.

“Didn’t you get angry because you heard him insulting me?”

Not only did Zich treat him much better thanusual, but Zich got angryin his place. So Hans felt a tiny bitmoved, butZich smiledin response. Then Zichraised his handandstruckhishead.



Hans grabbed onto his head.

“Who took your side? Of course, I got mad. He dared to insultmyservant, which is the same as insulting the great me. Truthfully, you are a weak-ass.”

‘What did I expect…’ Hans grumbled inside his mindand heldhis head.

“But still, that adventurer was strong, right? He caught a troll so easily.”

To Hans, who was barelyable todefeata troll, the adventurer named Drew seemedpowerful.


Zich’s tone was full of displeasure.

“Who are you calling strong?”

“Sorry? You know the adventurer…”

Rustle! Rustle!

The bush swayed again.

“Huh? Did they come back?”


Zich took out his sword again.

“They are monsters this time.”


A thick branch broke off and fell to the ground, and five trolls waddled into view.

Hans’ face grew pale. Even one troll was frightening, but five was an unimaginable number. Even that impressive adventurer,Drew, had taken a long time to defeatonetroll. In a situation like this, most people would have grabbed onto their bladder to stop themselves from peeing and run away as fast as they could.


But Zich was different.

‘I’m still a

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