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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 64
“Did something happen?”

“No, I was just taking a stroll in this bright night and found you awake.”

Now that Joachim mentioned it, Zich noticed that the moon was especially large and bright today. Even a person who didn’t normally stroll for a hobby would have felt a strong urge to go on a walk.

‘What made him become a Demon Person?’

‘Currently, there are too few clues. But it must have been something huge for someone who has hemophobia to start using an ability like Blood Domination.’

“Sir, how is the Count’s condition?” Zich asked to grasp Joachim's current situation.

“You must have heard the rumors. To tell you the truth, his condition is not very good. It has been half a year since he fainted, but he is still unconscious. I am very worried about him.”

Zich could see that Joachim was clearly worried for his father. At the least, it didn’t seem like Joachim was the type of son who wanted his father to die to gain more power.

‘It’s probably different for that bastard Biyom though.’

“I guess that’s why the first son of Count Dracul has full authority.”

“Well, he is the oldest. Of course, he should take it.”

But Joachim’s voice had a hint of bitterness to it that indicated his negative feelings towards Biyom. From then on, Zich continued to ask about Joachim’s current situation. Of course, Zich was indirect in his questions since he didn’t want to raise Joachim’s suspicions.

Many conversations passed between them, but Zich wasn’t able to gain much information. However, it wasn’t all useless since he gained assurance that his guesses had been correct.

‘The Count lost consciousness half a year ago, and he is still bedridden. Biyom Dracul took that chance to grasp power, and he is now pushing Joachim and his forces to the edge. It’s a common story.’

If he looked around the world, Zich would be able to find at least dozens of similar stories. Then Zich suddenly came up with a funny thought.

‘Should I play a trick and make Joachim Dracul succeed as the Count?’

It wasn’t a bad thought.

‘Then, I can fuck over Biyom at the same time.’

The best way that Zich liked to play with people was to give them a false sense of hope and quickly take it away; but he also liked the method of taking away what his opponent wanted or valued the most.

‘I should stay next to Joachim and make him the Count. At the same time, I can beat up the assassins who’d probably come to make Joachim into a Demon Person and extract information from them.’

It was a plan that perfectly suited Zich’s tastes. If he wanted to carry out this plan, Zich had to establish a greater sense of trust with Joachim. He couldn’t simply remain as the traveler who helped Joachim greatly; he had to become a confidant who Joachim trusted enough to confide in about the next course of action.

With that in mind, Zich talked to Joachim all night. He lacked time, especially considering that Joachim would likely be confined in hi

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