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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 61
Zich and his companions unloaded their luggage in a hotel at Ospurin. They stayed in a luxurious, expensive hotel; it wasn’t a place where aristocrats stayed, but successful merchants and wealthy people frequently resided in the hotel.

Thus, the price of one night in the hotel was considerably expensive, and because Zich, Hans, and Snoc each got separate rooms, the fee was three times more than the normal amount. However, Zich didn’t feel burdened by the price of the hotel since Joachim had reserved the rooms for them.

Since Zich had done so much to help them during the epidemic, Joachim had initially wanted to invite Zich to his castle. Furthermore, it wasn’t like Zich, Hans, and Snoc had simply helped them out. There was no need to even go on about what Zich did—Hans and Snoc had done the work of tens of people. All of Joachim’s task force greatly appreciated Zich and his companions. Joachim wanted to invite the three of them to his castle and treat them as esteemed guests. However, his plan fell apart as soon as he arrived at the castle.

“I’m so sorry.”

Joachim’s face crumpled intensely. His clenched fist trembled with humiliation, and he felt powerless. The gatekeepers had been ordered to prohibit all of Joachim’s guests from entering the castle. However, Joachim couldn’t blame the gatekeepers who also looked helpless. Their expressions betrayed the fact that they weren’t acting of their own free will.

As expected, the gatekeepers were working under the orders of the Draculs’ first son, Biyom. Joachim couldn’t understand why a son—not the feudal lord—would have authority over the entire estate. But judging by the responses of the people in front of him, it seemed like nobody could ignore Biyom’s orders.

Zich comforted Joachim. Zich was already satisfied that Joachim wanted to do something for him. The fact that he had developed a good relationship with Joachim after the regression also made Zich glad. However, Joachim wasn’t satisfied with leaving things like that, so he quickly reserved them a place. He asked them to stay in the hotel and said that he would visit them; then Joachim headed for the castle.

‘He’s quite unlucky.’

Zich thought that Joachim’s situation was like his past situation at Steelwall. But after seeing the way Joachim was treated at his residence, Zich thought Joachim’s situation was worse.

‘The atmosphere here is worse than Steelwall. How can he even swallow his food there?’

If Zich hadn’t planned to flip his household upside down at the end, he wouldn’t have been able to survive even one day in Steelwall.

‘Should I just take him with me?’

Zich started to seriously think about this matter. There was no harm to it, and Zich would welcome his past underling to become his subordinate again with open arms. All that remained was what Joachim wanted, and Joachim also had thoughts of leaving his family.

‘His hemophobia might hinder our travels, but I can adjust to that.’

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