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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 48

Two swords fiercely competed against each other in strength. Both of the mana-filled swords continued to seek the slightest opportunity to slice their opponent’s neck off.

“It seems like all my underlings are dead. Are they all dead?” the man asked.

“Did you honestly think that they would still be alive with their level of skills?”

“No, I know better. I should’ve expected it from people I picked out in a hurry.”


Zich and the man pushed each other’s swords and increased the distance between them. It was a brief confrontation. Zich glanced at Snoc for a moment and then looked directly at the man.

“I am asking to make sure. You are the one who made Snoc like that, right?”

“Didn’t I do well, sir?”

Like he was proud, the man placed his hands on his waist, puffed up his chest, and assumed an air of confidence.

“You know, our friend here is quite the shy guy. So, I went out of my way to do him a favor. I was worried that he might not be satisfied.”

“Don’t be so humble. He seems to be satisfied by the way he is literally exploding in confidence. Well, I just asked because I was curious about why he suddenly became so confident about himself.”

In a potentially dangerous situation, they spurred out bloodlust, but it almost felt as if they were engaging in a calm and joyful conversation.

“There are very few ways to instantly boost a normal person’s self-esteem, especially someone who has been mining all their life. Since he is not holding anything, it doesn’t seem like you handed him a magical sword or anything like that. There’s a high chance that somebody poured power into his body or fused another being into him. Back then, I saw that even though he lost his senses, his use of his new power didn’t seem awkward or stiff, which suggests that the latter is right. What did you put inside him?”

“You have a wide spectrum of knowledge, sir.”

The man pretended to be calm even when Zich deduced the answer from just the situation around him. His wariness about Zich increased one level higher.

“Rather than compliments, I would like you to satisfy my curiosity.”

“Do you perhaps know a man named Drew?”

The man answered with a question, and Zich nodded.

Zich answered, “Since he didn’t seem to know his place, I taught him a lesson with my fists. But don’t worry; everything’s been resolved, and I don’t hold a grudge against him.”

‘I found him! The unknown variable!’

Considering Zich’s formidable skills and his constant interference with their plans, the man had just guessed. The man was glad that he finally found the person he had been looking for and a feeling of loathing rose up inside his heart.

“Thank you for your answer. I also want to answer your question in return, but unfortunately, I can’t satisfy your curiosity. We have to make a living too.”

“Hm, I can’t keep asking questions if you say that, since making a living is an important matter.”

“I do l

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