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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 68
As soon as the epidemic began to wane, Shalom suddenly showed interest in Zich. Joachim said it was because Shalom was trying to keep them in check, but Zich knew about the existence of assassins and Fest, so he had a different perspective.

‘Joachim is not wrong.’

As a supporter of Biyom, Shalom wouldn’t have liked Joachim gaining credit for stopping the spread of infectious diseases. Likewise, this also would have made him dislike Zich.

‘But Joachim said he was highly competent and had a good head on his shoulders.’

He used to be a knight before, but he was not the brawny type.

‘Then why did he leave without scolding me?’

Zich didn’t outrightly tell people he was a noble; Joachim was also not the type of person to go around telling other people’s secrets. However, Shalom didn’t use his nobility to criticize Zich for his rude behaviors as a commoner.

In his interaction with Shalom, Zich displayed his awful personality; but surprisingly, he was precisely calculating his rude behavior.

‘Judging by that old man’s personality, I don’t think he will easily look over a commoner’s rude words just because he thinks they are right.’

Zich had several possible theories. First, since Joachim was next to them and supported Zich, Shalom could have a hard time blatantly disregarding him. Zich was also the person who found the cure, so he received a lot of admiration and respect from the people around him. Honestly, Zich had utilized both of these factors to act even more rudely toward the old man.

‘But my behavior was not proper. If he was as competent as Joachim said, he should have used my commoner status and his nobility to his advantage.’

Shalom could have used his nobility status to bring Zich down and then connect it with Joachim to also tarnish Joachim’s reputation. But Shalom didn’t do that. He only focused on whether or not Zich knew the cure for other diseases and where Zich got his information from.

‘There are onlytwo possibilities now. First, Shalom thinks that I am not competent enough to meet his standards. Or second, he is so uninterested in these types of affairs that he didn’t even think about using my behavior to his advantage.’

If it was the latter, another question appeared in his mind.

‘This bastard, is he really working for Biyom?’

Nothing was clear. But one thing Zich was sure about was that Shalom was a very suspicious person.

‘Okay, good. So I have one suspect so far.’

Shalom could be Fest, or part of the assassin group, or have an entirely different plan. But Zich was satisfied to note down one suspect.

While thinking about various topics, Zich reached his destination before he realized it. If he turned around just once, he would be right in front of the building that manufactured the cure. He had taught all the apothecaries how to make the cure, but they weren’t used to making it yet so they still needed Zich’s help. Zich quickly sped up his steps.


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