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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 44
Blood poured out of Drew’s neck and soakedthe ground,as if his greed was dripping out of his heart. The robed man wiped the blood away from his sword and placed it back into its sheath again.

‘The plan is ruined.’

He glanced at Drew’s corpse. A look of annoyanceflashed acrosshis eyes, but the man’s personalmission superseded his emotions.

‘Do I have to move onto the next plan? No, this situation means that all possible routes have changed. Even if I don’t use Drew, there’s a high chance that the plan will fail.’

In a way, he already knew the answer.

‘It can’t be helped. I have to force out the result.’

It wasn’t what his master wanted, but it was the only way toobtaina similar result.

‘I need to supplementsome morepersonnel. I thought it would be finebymyself, but it seems like I’llhave to resort to the last measure.’

Thishurt the man’s pride. The importance and level of difficulty of this place andmissionwere on the low side. That was why he was the only one who had been placed in charge of themission; and from the first place, the man’s skills and status were not suitable for a place like this. He had simply taken the job in his free time, thinking of it as a sort of amini-vacation. However, his planswereruined now.

‘I have to show someachievementstoprotect my pride. And…’

There was an even more important matter.

‘I have to find out the unknown variable.’

Everything had been runningsmoothly until now; hehad tofindout the cause of the change. It was probably the unknown variable.

‘I have to investigate who that guy isand then kill him!’

A chilly pair of eyes glittered inside the robe.

* * *

As if Snoc’s house was mimicking its owner’s feelings, it exuded a gloomy atmosphere. The wooden entrancehadn’topened since Drew abandoned Snoc. It was the samewhetherhis accomplices visited him or not.

Although it was late, a single candle wasn’t lit up, and theinside of the housewasdark. Snocliedon his bed and stared at theceiling absentmindedly. Clothes were on the floor in a mess, and untidy disheslitteredthe table. Snoc didn’t move at all, enough to make one wonder if he was actually dead. Only his blinking eyes and heaving chest hinted that he was still alive.


Eventhoughhe barely moved and used the bare minimum energy, his digestive systemcontinued to work. Without considering its owner’s feelings, Snoc’s stomach cried out to Snoc to throw some food inside it.

“…Should I eat something?”

Even though he cut off all outside contact and shut himself in his house, Snoc didn’t intend to die. He grasped his stomach and got up. As if hewasgoingthrough a lot of inner distress, his eyes were sunken. He got off his bed andput onhis shoes.


A small being approached Snoc’s legs and cried while tapping his feet.

“Are you hungry too?”

It was the mole who he met at the mine some days ago. He met the animal only recently, butthe molewas basically a fa

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