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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 96

Trislowa was so furious that he could barely let out his words. In contrast, Zich was delighted; he became happier the more Trislowa became furious.

“Why are you getting so agitated? Am I wrong? If you hadn’t hurt that boy, all of this would have never happened. Then isn’t it right for me to say that this whole situation happened because of you?”

“You bastaaaaard!” Trislowa couldn’t hold it in any longer. He shook his hand.


The water inside the prayer room began to tremble like crazy. The water from the lake began to soar and rise above Zich.


Zich jumped up. He shoved his fingers in a wall and hung from above.

“Oh my! I thought you would definitely be able to understand my words because you were the one who told that boy that everything was his fault. Did that fish head Bellu tell you that you guys didn’t need to be responsible for anything? No wonder, it’s easier for that fish head. Why are you guys worshipping a god like that?”



The water pillar targeted Zich, but Zich easily avoided the attack by climbing higher.

“Hey, don’t be so agitated. What are you gonna do if something bad happens tothis?”

The followers of Bellid running towards Zich halted. Even Trislowa, who was fiercely attacking a moment ago, hesitated.

“I guess getting attacked by the Karuwimans was really scary. So much so that you would just leavethisunattended in the middle of a prayer room.”

Trislowa made a groan. He wasn’t scared of the Karuwimans, but it was true that he had left “that” unattended. Even though the object had to be left on top of the altar for it to become complete, he should have left a high-level defense team.

‘In that short amount of time, I didn’t thinkthatwouldget stolen.’

However, he couldn’t really help it. Since the Karuwimans were right in front of him, how could he have placed a high-level defense team here?

“I know what this is. It’s the artifact that controls monsters. Let me see, was the name Pyramid of Vengeful Souls?”

“…How the fuck do you know that?”

Zich knew the reason why the boy’s village suddenly became crowded with monsters. Before he regressed, there was a time when the Bellids completely swept the world. The Bellids were so strong that even the Karuwimans were forced to continuously retreat although they were allied with many countries. The reason for the Bellids’ relentless victory was because they had the ability to control high-level monsters. They were not just able to control common monsters like goblins and orcs, but extremely strong monsters that appeared in legends. They were able to control extremely powerful monsters all thanks to their artifact, ‘Pyramid of Vengeful Souls.’

‘Since Trislowa had the Pyramid of Vengeful Souls, the monsters must have been drawn towards him by instinct. ‘

Since the artifact was not complete yet, only low-level monsters were unconsciously drawn towards it, but once t

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