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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 92
Dry wind passed over the earth. The wind scattered sand throughout the desolate wilderness. It caused the sand to spin in the air and fall all over the horizon; some pieces landed on nameless plateaus, some hit spiky rocks, and some even landed on small shrubs. The only vegetation that this place had were a few small shrubs scattered across the earth. In this area, farming was impossible, and game was scarce. In this desolate wilderness, two people on horses began to appear in clear view.

It was Zich and Weig. After reaching the peak of a low valley, Weig pulled up the reins of his horse and looked ahead. Beyond the endless wilderness, Weig could see the horizon dim. The vastness of the earth left Weig in awe and he exclaimed, “The world really transcends human imagination. I would have never imagined that there was a place like this.”

Zich stood next to Weig and said, “Even a great person like you with a lot of experience must have never seen a spectacle like this.”

“Since my job is to protect Lady Lubella and fight against heretics, I never had time to leisurely explore the world. Of course, I personally thought I saw a lot of the world already, but it seems like I was too arrogant. I tried to measure the world that God created according to my limited perspective.” With reverence, Weig drew a sign of the cross.

“I guess people who serve a god will have that kind of sentiment.”

“If you start to believe in God Karuna, you will also share my sentiments. How about it? Our door is always open for you.”

“Thank you for your offer, but I refuse.” As usual, Zich lightly rejected Weig’s offer.

Weig had also expected Zich to refuse, so he was not disappointed. Moreover, there was something more important. “That’s regretful, but I guess it can’t be helped. But Zich, is it really true that the northern branch of the Bellid is here?”

The reason why Zich and Weig came to this wilderness was to confirm the existence of the northern branch in this area. Even though Lubella and Weig trusted Zich, this was not a decision that could be made on trust alone. If they really wanted the Church to fight against the northern branch of Bellid, even Aine Lubella and Belri Weig’s words in favor of Zich’s words would not be enough. They needed to bring solid evidence to the Church. For that reason, Zich and Weig were all the way in this wilderness.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, but I don’t think this is the type of place where those Bellid bastards would build a temple.”

The god that Bellids served was the god of water, Bellu. For that reason, there was one absolute principle that the Bellids considered when choosing land to build a temple: water. Whether it was next to a lake, river, or ocean, Bellid’s temple had to be built next to a body of water. Moreover, the bigger and more important the temple was, the body of water next to it needed to be significantly larger than usual.

For that reason, when Karuwimans were investi

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