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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 108
Zich and his companions traveled in their usual manner. In the name of training, they completely gave up on a civilized lifestyle and did kind acts in the villages they occasionally visited. It was an arduous journey, but Hans and Snoc were fired up with passion.

‘They are so simple.’

Zich clicked his tongue while watching them. The reason for their excitement was because Zich had told them their destination. As they got closer to their destination, they climbed a mountain and began to walk on the main road. On the road, there were many people: pedestrians walking with loads while depending on their staffs, a slow-moving wagon filled to the brim with people, and a heavily decorated, shiny carriage that occupied the middle of the road. They walked the same route that all different types of people walked. And under the blue sky, enormous walls appeared into view. The walls faithfully protected the city, but for some reason, they appeared more welcoming and friendly compared to other city walls.

“Look! We’ve arrived, Nowem!” Snoc held Nowem above his head and showed Nowem the castle walls. Nowem answered back with a ‘Koo!’ and Hans’ eyes sparkled.

“That place is…”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Zich’s eyes rested on the castle’s entrance. “It’s Violuwin.”

Violuwin was the name of the city in front of them. It wasn’t the capital city of a country, nor was it a city where an immense amount of money and supplies passed through. It was neither a place with a rich granary so that it could support a big population, or a city situated in a strategic location. Yet, this city was famous in the whole world for one thing: tourism.

“Like I promised…” As soon as Zich spoke, Hans and Snoc stared at him. They reminded Zich of baby chicks looking at their mother’s mouth for food. “…We will rest here for a while.”

Hans and Snoc rejoiced at the news. They had endured Zich’s harsh training during this journey for this dream-like break. Violuwin was so world-renowned that even Hans and Snoc who had resided in their homes or the mines their entire lives knew of it. It was a tourist destination that everyone wanted to visit at least once in their lifetime, and they couldn’t have been happier to be here.

They went inside the city. Because the city was bustling with tourists, there was a long line from the castle’s entrance, and it took them a long time to get inside. However, as soon as they stepped inside, Hans and Snoc realized that the place was completely worth the wait. A well-maintained expressway stretched out in a straight line, and houses made from Violuwin’s characteristic white stones lined both sides. And from a distance, they could see fountains shooting out water. They had only passed through the city's entrance, but it was a sight that they had never seen before. Hans and Snoc’s mouths naturally hung open.

Thump! Thump!

Both of their heads shot forward, and Snoc even rammed Nowem with his forehead. Nowem let out a cr

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