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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 95
Most people in the world shared the same opinions about the religion of Bellid: an evil to the world.

One of the reasons why the Karuwiman was so exalted was because they made Bellid their main enemy and acted as exterminators whenever they found a Bellid. Even the Karuwiman Pope was willing to trick neighboring countries to raid Bellid, and he made it clear that even if they strained their diplomacy, all the countries would understand if he said it had all been done to exterminate the Bellids. That was how much all the nations were unified in their antagonism against the Bellids.

However, as religions like these spread, the Bellid survived against the world’s hatred and persecution and continued to increase their numbers in the dark. The word ‘pest’ was really fitting for them.

On the other hand, the Bellids who were always on the side of torturing a nation, estate, force, or people, were now the ones being pushed to a corner.

“What is the size of their army?” The leader of the northern branch and a Cardinal of Bellid—Cullun Trislowa—glared menacingly at the Karuwimans heading towards them.

The priest next to him quickly replied, “I’m not sure, but it seems to be a little more than a thousand!”

A thousand. It was a sizable force, and the Cardinal also had around this number of followers in this temple. However, the quality of the soldiers was different.

“Are they all holy knights or high priests?”

“Yes, that seems to be the case!”

If they came all the way to a central branch, the Karuwimans would have definitely brought their most elite soldiers. And with Karuwiman’s elite soldiers, a thousand of ordinary Bellid followers would be wiped out in an instant.

“Damn it! How were they able to find this place!” Annoyed, Trislowa smashed the ground with his feet.

The Bellid's northern branch was on an enormous lake below a dry, desolate wilderness. According to their history, when Bellid followers first saw this miraculous sight in front of them, it was said that tears streamed down their faces. The followers of Bellid said that Bellu sent down a miracle to help his followers hide from the persecution of the world. And true to their beliefs, since its first establishment, this area continued to be a reliable center for the northern branch. He didn’t know where the information had been leaked, but their number one enemy, the Karwuiman, was now leading an elite army against them.

‘It’s too late to call for reinforcements!’

The enemy was already right in front of them and standing on the other side of the lake. They were about to cross the lake.

“Treble brothers,” Trislowa called out to the high priests right below him.

“Yes, sir!”

“You command the troops and stop those Karwuiman from crossing the lake!”

“Yes, sir!”

Without any rebuttals, the Treble brothers immediately followed Trislowa’s order. Trislowa pushed back his duty and headed back to the temple.

‘I first have to pack t

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