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citricoslarubia > The Regressed Demon Lord is Kind > Chapter 116
After Zich and Lyla disappeared, Hans and Snoc searched the robed men’s bodies tolook formore information or to find spoils that they could take. Of course, they learned to do this from Zich. They retrieved various goods such as a considerable amount of money, potions, and small items. Hans and Snoc took off the leader’s robe, reshaped it into a bundle, and placedtheirfindings inside it. They planned to give it to Zich later.

When they were done with everything, they sat in front of the platform where Estellade was and waited. The two ate the dried meat they brought, and they alsodrank water when they were thirsty. Then, they stared at the darkness again. They didn’t know how long Zich meant by ‘for awhile,’but Hans planned to stay in the room until they ran out of food and water. They didn’t have much food and water since Zich had most of their supplies in his magic box. What they had was meant for true emergencies.

‘It’s good I broughtsome food and waterwith me.’

Zich had told them that they always needed to carry emergency food supplies.

“Where do you think Sir Zich is? Nothing will probably happen tohim, right?”


Snoc and Nowem conversedwith each otherto kill time while they waited for Zich. But unlike them, Hans’s head faced the other way, andhe stared at Estellade. Its pure white blade stood out to him. When Zich swung it around,he lookedlike a hero from a fairytale.


The holy sword thatchose its owner. Hans really liked the sound of it.

‘I probably won’t be able to pull it out.’

Even though Hans hadn’t tried pulling out Estellade yet,Snoc had tried and failed.According to what Zich said, Snoc’s contract with Nowemseemed to bethe problem, but at leastthe sword seemed tochooseits owner based ona specific standard.

‘…But should I still give it a try?’

Even if he couldn’t pull it out, he wanted to try touching it. There weren’t many chances to touch a holy sword. He also didn’t have anything to doanyway, soHans finally made up his mind andstood up.

Snoc asked,“What isthe matter, senior?”

“I’m going to see if I can pull it out.”

“Ah, that Es…Este…”


“Yes, that!”

Snoc hadlost all interest in Estelladeas soon as hecouldn’tpullitout,so hewasn’teven able torememberthe sword’sname.Buthewatched eagerlyand hugged Nowem as Hans approached the sword. Hans reached his hand out to Estellade and then—


They heard footsteps thatseemed to pushback the damp air. Hans pulled his hands awayfrom Estellade and stared at where the sound came from. Snocstood upfrom his spot.

“Do you think it’s Sir Zich?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t think the footsteps sounded like Sir Zich’s.”

Hans was at a stagehighenough to differentiate people by their footsteps. Of course, his sensing skills didn’t compare to Zich’s, but it was still impressive. They heard footsteps from the other side of the passage. The concerning part was that the sound of thefootsteps c

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