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Chapter 81: I have the courage to pull back, the courage to go forward, and the courage to be silent

After consulting with the villagers, it seemed that they would make a large detour and invade from another direction. The dark elves were not convinced, but they had no choice but to accept our compromise.

“I sympathize, but that doesn’t mean I’ m going to put the villagers in danger. I’d like to help……I think.”

When I think about the player who is giving instructions to the Dark Elves, I want to help him. They may be players like me, whose lives have been changed by this game. If that’s the case, I’m sure they would want to avoid a game over.

If they were in danger of being wiped out, the player could pour in a lot of money and perform a miracle. However, looking at the current situation of that village, it is not surprising that he has spent a lot of points in defense.

“If you’re hiding a move that could turn the tide, you can attack.”

Since I couldn’t read the other side’s moves, I had no choice but to play it safe. While I was thinking about this, Gams and the others were making a large detour to the west of the enemy base. Sudhir had never been to this side before, and the map was black, but it was slowly opening up.

“It’s a bit thin compared to the south side, but it’s still a lot.”

Green kobolds are the most common, but I’m also seeing black dogs and yellow demons more and more frequently. I even saw a single-eyed red demon in the distance once. The threat level of this base is too different from the prior information.

Besides, I’ve started to see other kinds of monsters here and there in the west. There are chimera-like creatures that were present during the last raid, as well as golems. Their numbers were unexpected. Gams and the others suggested twice that we should retreat, but the dark elves didn’t listen and attacked alone. At the time, they were able to clean up the area without any problems, but they couldn’t keep it up for long.

“I should tell the oracle to leave here, yeah.”

I felt bad for the Dark Elves and the player, but I couldn’t sacrifice the villagers. I typed in the text for the oracle and all I had to do was press “enter”. At that moment, Sudhir’s Bible glowed, not the one Chem was holding.

“Wait a minute, please. It’s an oracle from the God of Nature.”

Chem’s face lit up at those words.

“Should we ask the gods for a decision?”

I was thinking the same thing, but it depends on what the oracle says. For now, let’s just focus on what they are going to tell us.

“I’ll read it, since God says it’s okay to tell people. If we don’t destroy……this stronghold, it will be obvious that the village that I have blessed will perish.”

The dark elves all looked down and bit their lips with an expression of bitterness. The villagers must have compared themselves to them, because they too had a strange look on their faces.

“People are so nice to me…….”

That’s why t

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