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C89.1:The President on the Evil God side vs. Me on the Lord God side (1)

“I’m going to take you down as fast as I can and show those incompetent employees what I’ m made of! They deserve to be fired, and I’ll get in the way of them transferring somewhere else. They’ll never work in a decent place again…….”

This guy has become a small fish character at once. I was expecting him to say something more like a president or a big boss. I’m disappointed. I guess he was always giving off this kind of vibe and intimidating his employees. That’s why he had no popularity at all and was easily betrayed.

My sister also told me that some of the former employees were complaining that they wanted to go back. I could cut the call with the other person, but I’ll just leave it at that. I typed away on the keyboard, ignoring Chosokabe.

“Are you trying to perform a miracle? There’s nothing you can do about it now.”

Oh, that’s a bit of a villainous way of putting it.

“Well, let’s see. Then, I’ll go with [Summon Golem].”

I breathe life into the divine statue and activate it. At its feet was a silver basilisk – Gochupicchu. I manipulated it and made it turn its petrifying gaze to the god statue. In an instant, it changed from a wooden statue to a stone statue. This made it more resistant to fire, and increased its durability and attack power. I hadn’t used it until now, but now was the time to give it my all.

The statue of God leaped over the altar and headed straight for the battlefield. I could see the villagers cheering and praying as the statue cut through the wind and sprinted. To live up to their expectations, I raised my sword arm toward the sky.

I plunged headfirst into the oncoming monsters without fear and swung both swords. With each swing, the monster’s head and upper body flew around in the air. Before the spurting blood could fall to the ground, new corpses began to appear one after another.

“No, no, no! It’s much more powerful than the previous statues.”

Hearing Chosokabe’s impatient voice made me feel a little less exasperated. I want to get on a roll here and provoke him, but my points are still dwindling at a brisk pace. Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that.

“Don’t get carried away! Surround him!”

Following his instructions, the monsters all rushed towards the statue of God at once. The other side seemed to be in a great hurry, and his voice had a hint of impatience in it.

This is a good thing, because it would be a disadvantage if I were forced into an endurance battle. In addition, the crowd was conveniently dense. I kicked away the monsters as I approached the dragon that seemed to be the enemy boss, but the wall of flesh was too thick for me to move forward.

Even though the god statue’s movements are inhuman, the power of numbers is great. It was impossible to avoid the opponent’s attacks. If it were still made of wood, its arms or legs would have been broken. But now that it’s made

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