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Chapter 74:A villager who needs to choose and me who needs to make a decision

I went downstairs and found no one, so I quickly fried the tribute meat and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Normally, I quickly toss the meat with yakiniku sauce, but lately I’ve been eating it simply with salt and pepper. This way, I can enjoy the flavor of the meat more.

“I know, I know. I’ve got one for you.”

There’s Destiny who comes after me every time I’m cooking meat by myself. Even now, he is sitting on his own cushion in the corner of the dining table, staring at me. I used to put the plate on the floor and feed him, but since he’s such a wise buddy, I thought it would be better to put him in the same position as me, and that’s how he is now.

It may seem a little vulgar to sit on the table, but it’s just when the two of us eat alone, so it doesn’t bother anyone. I finished preparing the meal and put the meat on Destiny’s special plate as well.

“If you were human, you’d be in the binge eating contests.”

He eats as much meat as I do with that body. I’m not sure how he’s able to eat as much as I do, but I’m curious to see how much he’ll grow…….If he grows any bigger, I’m thinking of building him his own shed in the garden. It seems that the glass case is too small for him now, and he only goes inside when he sleeps.

“It would be easier if I could just tell everyone who Destiny is.”

I thought it was a lizard, but it turned out to be a basilisk. If I told them that, they’d probably doubt my sanity……. I’m sure they’ll be convinced if I show them the petrification and poison breath, but then I’ll inevitably have to mention the game.

I’m not sure if they’ll be able to keep their mouth shut. If I tell my mom about it, she might accidentally tell someone else about it without thinking twice…….I knew I should keep my family in the dark about this. After the meal, we returned to the room and looked at the village, seriously thinking about what to do with the oracle.

“If this were just a game, it would be a forced event. The option to refuse wouldn’t exist in the first place.”

It’s an interesting quest if I separate it from the game. From defense to offense and it’s with the dark elves. If this raid is successful, there are only advantages for our side. If the base is the last one belonging to the Evil God player, the game is over for that player.

Then the threat of the Temptation of the Evil God will be greatly reduced, and it will be easier to build a town. However, if the Dark Elves force everything on us, or if this invitation itself is a trap, we are sure to suffer a great deal of damage.

“Hmm, I’m torn. Unless there is a guarantee that they will never betray us, but I don’t know about that.”

There is no such thing as a lie detector, and there is no such thing as a miracle of convenience to see through someone’s lies. From the conversation, Sudhir the Dark Elf didn’t seem like bad people.

“Ah, but…If I mak

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