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Chapter 80: Marching into enemy territory and me feeling like a military strategist

When I got home after the meeting, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. He said that God had made it so that they couldn’t touch me directly, but in other words…

“Not directly, but indirectly, I suppose.”

When I think about it, I become more and more suspicious of President Chosokabe. Because of the incident with Mr. Yamamoto, I had a strong feeling that it should not be related to the Village of Destiny, so I consciously tried not to think about it. It’s a bad habit to try to turn your back on the painful side when it’s just your imagination.

I’ll try not to let my guard down…….If my fears are unfounded, that’s fine. Since I got involved with this game, it has been a series of impossible things. It’s better to be skeptical. I pulled myself together and was once again looking up President Chosokabe on the Internet when I discovered a fact. The three arrows are not Chosokabe but Mouri’s.

I was planning to tell my sister or Seika that the president’s name is Chosokabe, famous for the three arrows, so I’m glad I found this first. Misunderstandings are scary. I heard that one arrow can break, but three arrows together will not break. I think the story was about brothers working together. I’ll check……later to see if I’m right about that too.

“Working together.”

I’d like to work with the Dark Elves player to become two arrows, though I’m a little worried about the strength of the three arrows since I’m one short of three. As in this case, I need to stop making assumptions based on my limited knowledge. I need to be more flexible and cautious.

It was the scheduled date. There were ten Dark Elves and fifteen of my villagers. They were marching through the forest with a large group of twenty-five people in total. It’s a magnificent sight to see such a large number of people together. Their destination was about an hour’s walk from the village. The south side of the enemy’s base can be seen on the map. It seems that Sudhir, the leader of the Dark Elves, has personally gone to scout out the enemy territory.

“There were at least twenty enemies. Mostly green kobolds, but there were at least five single-eyed red demons.”

Sudhir is explaining the details of the enemy to Gams and the others. We had already heard this information many times in the village discussions, but it was important to reconfirm it.

“That number is not confirmed, is it?”

“You’re right, handsome brother. I went to scout a few times, but I could only get as close as the entrance to the enemy base. I couldn’t do anything about it because the black dog was also there. I didn’t want my skin to get damaged.”

Murus and the other elves look at Sudhir with half-lidded glares as she shrugs her shoulders. They seem to be saying, “Don’t be silly.”

“If the enemy’s forces are unexpectedly powerful, we will withdraw immediately. Is that clear?”

“I understand. We d

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