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Chapter 34 part1

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Yoshinaga is in front of me and the other two are diagonally behind. They surrounded me so I can’t move recklessly.

Although their expressions aren’t the same, they still all seem twisted.

If I was martial art practitioner then there probably would have been a way to get away with force but at most I have only trained my muscles with muscle training.

There is no way I can beat them. I might not be able to hit them.

The opponents have a stun gun, knife and baton.

All are dangerous but the most important thing to watch out for is the stun gun. If the freedom of the body is lost, then there will be no way to resist.

I imitate a karate like stance…..I can’t help but feel that my limbs are shaking a little bit.

“Well, I am going to do this with the difference in number of the people as well as armed with weapons. It looks like you practice martial arts but do you really think you can win?”

He said this with, a little bit alarmed. Thank you muscle training.

I should use this time to think of how to get through this.

Just like Gams, I have no choice but to use my head.

“If you do this then it won’t be for free you know?”

“Oh hey, are you begging for life now? It’s bad brother. Don’t worry. The two people behind your back belong to a bit of a violent place. So they can easily clean up this situation, right?”

This is awful.

I have no way to know whether it’s true or not.

But I can say for sure that there wasn’t any hesitation.

“Everyone go at once.”

Damn, attacking one by one is the basisc of an action scene. Stop this effective method.

All of them bent a little, ready to jump right away.

Looking at Yoshinaga, my body shakes a little due to the cold wind.

…….This is impossible. I am not Gams. There is no way that I can win 3 to 1 when they armed as well.

Should I escape and about loudly for help and try to run into the convenience store or should I take one of them down with me?

I can’t be said to be agile but I still need to try.

As I was about to start running…..

“Gigi, Geha..what…..breathing…..”

“My throat hurts. Eyes, eyes….my tears are not stopping.”

The two people behind me suddenly start rubbing their eyes and holding their throats while panting.

What are they doing? What happened suddenly?

Other than Yoshinaga, the other two fell down.

“What the hell?????”

Yoshinaga shouts, backing up while swinging his knife at me. I don’t know why though.

The two behind are splitting bubbles from their mouths and jerking.

I can’t understand this extraordinary situation? But it’s still an opportunity. On top of that my opponent seems to be misunderstanding the situation.

I lowered my hood so he cannot see my expression. With so much darkness

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